$2.00 Tuesday #3

Ok.. I wasn’t as successful with this week’s post, but I did manage to get a few items for $2.00.  I ventured into Hwy 121 Indoor Yard Sale here in Whitmire.  The lady there was very pleasant.  I found a whole bunch of items in that store for $2.00  –  I was like “WOW” ,  I could really stretch my buck here.. chuckles… But I couldn’t use a lot of the items I saw..(but, if I ever need any more glasses, I know where to go – they all were roughly $0.10-0.20 cents a piece)..     These are the items I came home with.   All for $2.00    —   not bad – again..


Even though I’m a dog person, I couldn’t resist the little kitty cat eyes on the little planter (not to mention the price)..   🙂   Although I don’t decorate for Christmas, I do like the decorations and the colors of the ornaments.  I’ll use them another way to add color around the house.    I cleaned the kitty and found her a place on the windowsill  for a coleus plant I’m rooting for next year..

She looks pretty cute perched  on the widow with the other plants..  🙂

As for the tree bulbs.. I like putting things inside my potted plats  (rocks are always the norm) but I thought I’d give them a try in this plant.. something to hide the big roots because they’re big and round.

I added the balls for some color in the pot..  and here is what it looks like..

not bad for some color in the pot- and unlike rocks – they don’t add extra weight (because it’s very heavy – every summer it goes outside for nature to take care of it) and I get the dreaded sigh from my son when he has to lift it to take it out..

And for the crystals.. I’m going to use those on a crafts project..   Will get back to you on that note..

So you see shopping with $2.00 is  not impossible.. practical but definitely not impossible..

Besides….This is getting kind of fun too!

2 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday #3

  1. Too cute…I too think It’s so much fun to challenge yourself. Just the smallest things can make your heart happy. Keep up your $2 Tuesday. I’ll be watching. 🙂

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