$2.00 Tuesday #2

Hey there, last week I started a $2.00 Tuesday post.. I’m going to continue with them as long as I can find $2.00 items.. and you know something.. I think it’s kind of fun, too,… knowing I can actually get something so cheap that I could really make use of.    I found this week’s item at the thrift store here in town.   I usually don’t get to visit it because they’re closed on Saturdays ( not good).. but I lucked up because they’ll be open on Saturdays until Christmas  (GREAT!)

Well, here’s what I found tucked in the back…. chuckles…. I know what you’re thinking… “Good Lord – I haven’t seen those in years” LOL…  but guess what… they’re sturdy and I know could use them.    Here’s the clincher .. all three for $2.00.  Last week I was happy with the one plant hanger… so you know this week I’m freaking ecstatic  🙂   YIPPEEE!!!!      (don’t mind the leaves in the backdrop.. they’re everywhere..sooo tired of raking leaves..sigh)  🙁

The solid beige one was .50 cents and the other two.. .75 cents (chuckles..)   can’t beat it… RIGHT!  I’m not too fond of the colors or the big fuzzy ball at the end

but  since it’s Fall.. and they are Fall colors – it’ll work for now.    I’ll decide later whether to change the colors (of course spray paint would do the job) or not.    I gave them a try and put a couple of plants inside them.. (just to show for the post – but tomorrow I’m headed to the nursery to get a few plants to put in them..   Here’s how they look with a plant inside..

They are absolutely perfect for outside hangers.. the cording is extremely durable..



After seeing them… I think I really LUCKED UP!

6 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday #2

  1. OMG!!! I have been looking for macramé plant hangers with my $5 budget for the past 3 weeks. You LUCKY Girl!! I have been to Goodwill, Wal-Mart, consignment shops, craigslist (lol)…You go girl!! Nooo don’t paint them….You don’t like the fuzzy ball? What would you do with it? I love it. Ok, my search is still on….can’t wait to find one. Can’t wait to see what else you are going to do with them. Love it!

    • Is that what they’re called?.. Too funny.. I just called it ropey.. Chuckles… So that’s what you’ve been looking for..ok.. We’ll I’m going to look for you too… And if you find them..please send pics..

  2. Wow … Yes you did “luck up”. Nice job!!! I could use about six of those in my patio….unfortunately I do not have a green thumb!!!! LOL.

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