Progress Made

In the midst of clearing papers, I came across some old photos of my yard.  Boy have I made some serious progress over the years. When we first moved into the house I really knew nothing about gardening.  I was a city girl and loved looking at beautiful landscapes but while living in Jersey, I didn’t do any yard work.  When we moved to S.C.  the yard had a clean slate and I figure I’d let my imagination take over.  I have to admit – I’d forgotten how dull and lifeless the yard was, but after looking back at all the hard work put into it, these pictures made me realize how much progress I really made over the years.   Perusing countless garden magazines proved to be worthwhile in helping to inspire me.  Just thought I’d share my progress made with you…   (try not to laugh at the before too much).  My husband preferred it that way because it was easy to cut the grass (mind you he hated moving what little objects there were..)












By gradually taking each section at a time progress was made.. so you know alot of gardening therapy took place out here.  The back breaking agony I went through was all worth it.   The best part about the beds is they’re 80% perennials.  Yes,  I learned real quick over the years to get garden smart.  🙂   So much progress was made and yet – more to still make.  Thankfully I have you to follow along with me to share the journey.   TTYL,

4 thoughts on “Progress Made

  1. Oh, heavens to Betsy!!! What a transformation!!! I’m not crackin’ on you, but that “Before” was kinda sad!!! Ours is STILL sad. We have a big, beautiful back yard with absolutely nothing in it!!! Ramon loved doing yard work when we first moved here, but has since acquired the kinds of aches and pains that prevent him from doing it anymore. We have a lawn service and a tree service, but we haven’t added any substantial landscaping. Seeing your islands with the stone around them gives me a great idea. Neither of us would be able to do it, but I can maybe hire someone (preferably young kids with stronger backs than either of us!) to get the job done.

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! Congrats!!! And SMART to do a little at a time AND to do mostly perennials!!!!!

  2. Wow, I love the transformation, I wish my yard looked that nice. I grew up with my grandmother and her yard was always perfect, but that green thumb did not rub on me. Every year I say I will get it together, but it seems like the summer pass so fast. I have a few yard projects I plan on working on, so I’m crossing my fingers this year.

  3. You must have the gardening gene somewhere in your blood because what you did with your garden/yard is truly amazing. The curved lines, the perfect placing of color and textures; it is phenomenal. The gardens are so lovely and interesting. Yes, I’m with you, perennials are the way to go. I take care of five flower gardens for the village where I live. Since no one from the village waters, I have to carry water to the annuals that I put in for color (most zinnias), but the perennials survive with the rainfall.

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