Got my “W”s!!

I’m so excited,  I finally got  “W” monogrammed on the twin headboards- turned window treatment  that were above the master bedroom windows.   They’ve been plain for a while waiting for me to get my nerves up to try doing it myself.

A few weeks back our town had an auction and few people donated some items for the charity event.  There were a pair of painted Palmetto tree wine glasses donated for the silent auction.  They were really nice and I was told a local artist painted them.  Come to find out the talented artist has a shop right across the street from my house (duuuhhh)  boy did I overlook that hidden jewel.  I’m going to introduce you to Ms. Peggy Brickles very soon.   But moving along with my excitement.  I asked her if she does stenciling and she sure does!  So I picked out the letter and gave her a feel of how I want it to look.  Thank God she read my mind….   🙂    which I believe is part of the hidden perception of what artists do.. they visualize what you’re trying to convey and bring it to fruition.  OK –  So.. down comes the headboards (omg! can you say dust – chuckles…  ah-choo, ah-choo)  and I took them to her (dust free of course)  for her to work her artist magic on them.    A couple of days later I get a texted picture of the finished product and my jaw dropped..  PERFECT!!!!  It was exactly what I wanted… I couldn’t wait to pick them up.   This is how they turned out.



Didn’t she do a FANTASTIC job!   I applaud Peg for putting the cherry on top of my unfinished sundae (so to speak).   I got them home and up they went..


Even the hubby liked them..

8 thoughts on “Got my “W”s!!

  1. First, what a great idea!!! Second, what a great turnout!!! Those are beautiful!!! So regal! If you ever get tired of having them over the windows, you can always use them for something else. They’re just so pretty!!! Congratulations…and glad you survived the dust bowl! 😉

  2. Thank you Ginene! I really appreciate your compliments. I wish I could do that too… but now that I have her.. I figure why bother.. chuckles… besides.. I really like patronizing small local owned businesses.. And yes, Peggy is a sweetheart.. I’ll be posting some of her things very soon..

  3. They are fabulous! I can understand how excited you must be; I’m excited for you. The bed is so beautiful and the headboard has the same type of shape as the window cornices. And, those slipper chairs are a really cool find. This room is very pretty and restful. I like the way you create these sanctuaries in your home. Miss Peggy does incredible work. I wish I could do that.

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