Friday Finds #4

Ok guys, you know your Thrifty Girl comes across some GREAT bargains.   I have to tell you … this week’s find by far is probably the greatest ever!!  (well except for the vanity mom found) but my insides were screaming with joy.  Goodwill is the BOMB!!  I’m officially hooked..  Ok.. I never – ever look at the electronics they have.. I always figure they’re broken – cheap- and a waste of time.  Well, as I walked past that section, from the corner of my eyes – it’s like the thrift angel spoke to me and whispered in my ear…”LOOK UP”  So I looked.. and guess what I found —–  OMG!!  KLIPSCH Box Speakers  — I ran through that store to get a cart.. raced back and scooped those bad boys up.. I was so excited I almost forgot to look at the rest of the stuff.  All I was thinking – please God let them work-


Guess how much these $140.00 a piece  speakers were ——– $5.75 ea ———–

If any of you are familiar with electronic name brands – you know Klipsch is pretty much top of the line – near Bose.  If not read about them here.   I asked the cashier if they were refundable if they didn’t work.  She said yes  – I had 24 hrs..  The hour drive home seemed like 2 hours – I was so excited to get them home.   I removed the cover and hoped the woofers were not damaged.. and look – nope..So I’m saying who in the world would donate Klipsch speakers.. they must be blown.

I hooked them up to my kitchen stereo and THEY WORK!!!!!!!   Ahhhhhhhh!!! My stereo never sound better.  All I can say is “Thank You Thrift Angel” .  Call me Snoopy – because this has been me ever since I found them..  doing happy dances.  🙂



I feel like I should have “S” on my chest  for “SuperShopper”


I hope you all have a wonderful – happy dance weekend..  Smooches!

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds #4

  1. Angels “were” on that shelf just sitting waiting for you, guarding your speakers! Too too cute. I’m laughing and doing the happy dance with you! Happy Weekend!

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