My Love of Dance

Pardon the interruption- but there are times when you want to stray off the beaten path – and this is that moment for me  🙂

Years ago, my secret desire was to be a dancer.  Ever since my first visit to see the world renowned Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre group, from that moment on I use to dream of being one.  I love how dancers convey music through movement.  But then reality hit.. Ok Kim, you’re 21 and too old to have ballerina thoughts.. But my twin and I did at least practice with the dancers – exercise that is.. WoW & OUCH!!! is all I could say and made me realize – I should have done that when I was a kid.  We completed a semester with the Gallman’s Dance Studio and enjoyed every aching moment.  But – time has long past and I remember to this day how mentally exciting it was to have at least experienced that just once.  My love of dance has never left and when I see performances such as this.. it only rejuvenates the excitement of wanting to dance.   My sister shared this video with me and I felt compelled to share it with you.  This  performance is done by Gallman’s Dance Theatre group.  As you watch and reflect – I’m sure you’ll see how the thrill of dance can encompass your spirit to make you want to move.  I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.  Who knows – maybe a Dance Angel will be watching over you – and you’ll dance too…

Thank you Amina for sharing this with me and keeping that memory alive.  I love you Sis..

4 thoughts on “My Love of Dance

  1. That was beautiful. I was moved. I think 45 minutes have passed and I’m was still watching different dancers perform on u-tube. One thing led to another and I thought of one of my favorite songs “Stand.” Then I watched everyone sing Stand. I wish Aretha Franklin would sing that song.. She has been my favorite singer for, well, since I was a teenager. She can make me cry! Thank you for the afternoon gift. It was remarkable.

  2. Jamillah!….thank you for sharing. Amina sent this to me and, lovely, it has made my day. It totally stopped me in my tracks and I’m so glad I waited to see it on 17inches instead of my phone. The Alfred Gallman memories flooded in, and OH My….a treasurer hunter after my own heart…the work you’ve done and the finds you’ve found! Beautiful, oh, and Jamil! OMG!!!! Time has come and gone, and oh what a time, and the days gone by…..Thank you, thank you for the delightful treasure you share.

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