$2.00 Tuesday


Hey everyone! I must say there are quite a few die-hard thrifters out here and they’ve found some awesome items.  I couldn’t wait to show you guys what they found.  I, for one, will kick it off with my items, which are featured in the picture above.  Can you guess the item or items that cost $2.00?  Well, here’s the answer.. Blinged out clipboard $1.00.   Readers $1.00 (girl’s gotta have them)   Chic dish $2.00  so all together  $4.00 (insert smile).   I bought the dingy old clipboard from a thrift store.. (it should have been a quarter) but since the proceeds go to helping animals, I didn’t squawk.


You feel me… ?

But oh what a little paint and glitter will do!!


I had the items already and once I saw the fancy clipboard over at MonicaWantsIt, I had to have one.  My initial thought was to use vintage jewelry, but I just couldn’t make myself cut up perfectly good jewelry.. But they’re really gorgeous and you can view my pinterest board of all my favorites here.   If you’re like me (blind as a bat),  I stay strapped with readers around my neck.  So when I spotted these at an estate sale, I scooped them up REAL quick.  The chic little dish was a leftover from Holiday gifts section at Goody’s.  Originally $20.00 (yea right) marked down to $3.99 and I used my 50% coupon and $2.00 was the bottom price.


So those were my $2.00 finds.. Now let me show what else was found!! Brandi over at Don’tDisturbThisGroove is giving her daughter’s room a new look.  She revamped her dresser and found these gorgeous drawer pulls.for $2.00 .. They look like pearl earrings.. I love them!  image

Aren’t they perfect for a young lady’s room.. Visit her blog to see more of the makeover and her beautiful home. It’s worth visiting.

Next up, Michelle, a member of the Thrifting Divas FB group came across this fantastic decorative bowl to decorate  her sister’s home.image

The vibrant colors will really make the space pop and is a great accent piece.  I’m sure her sister will be truly pleased!  Up next is a “jaw-dropping” find by “thekoicurator”.  When I saw this and she got it for $2.00, I wanted to pass out!  Talk about $2.00 overload!! This vintage wall clock is one hellified find!  I was O-D-ing!!! Lol!  All of these were absolutely great finds!


I also need to share two more fantabulous finds.. My girl Machelle of CapitalCityThrifters found this knock-out “tickle me” feather door wreath for $2.95 (and y’all know I love me some feathers!)


And last but not least.. LindaG over at LindaGLovinghome found the perfect condiment caddy for her tropical outdoor oasis for $5.00.. What a bargain?


So you see, it’s not what it costs, but how you style it .. I thank those for allowing me to share their awesome finds, and I hope you’ve been inspired by a few items and start looking for those great bargains.  Remember to use #urthriftygirlfinds on Instagram or send me an email to be featured with your $2.00 Finds.  Until next time -Happy Hunting  while thrifting your house into a home!  Smooches!





7 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday

  1. Girl do you know how much I love this post? I may not be a huge DIY’er, but seeing all of this inspires me greatly. I mean wow. I also love how you redid that clip board. You know how much they try to charge for similar ones like yours? Girl you don’t wan to know lol. Love this.

    Kia / KTS

  2. Jamala, you have a clever eye and great taste. Did you apply something over the glitter to keep it from coming off the clipboard?

    • Hey Glenda, thank you lady! Yes. I used modge podge glue. . Coated it and sprinkled glitter all over (I did it in a shoe box). Once it dried, I sprayed a clear sealant over it. Easy project just a bit messy.. I think I’ll be seeing glitter in my sleep. .lol. . But it was worth it

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