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After Saving Grace, and getting excited about her new look, I decided it was time to make a few changes in the Living Room.  I initially was going to put her in the foyer, but realized #1 she’s too big and #2 she needs to be in a room and be the focal point.   The Living Room gets the least visits in the house (actually I’m the only who goes in there, and that’s to put music on and water the plants).   The room wasn’t bad looking, but I felt it needed to be freshened up.  The walls and window treatments blended too much and beige was the “safe” color I chose.  It’s Spring and now I’m ready to give it that much needed attention.   Picking out paint colors was the hardest.  I couldn’t figure out which direction I wanted go, but once I got the color – the rest came easy.  After accomplishing a makeover in the DiningRoom for $100.00 I decided to challenge myself again.  Let’s take a look at where I started.


My target points were: I wanted the color to flow from the Dining Room; I wanted to create an accent wall; I needed to soften the look of the buck stove and change the area rug.

image image

I took the plunge at trying my luck at the stripe wall.  I really like how it turned out.  The fireplace and buck stove still needed a brighter look and thanks to my friends Nicole at Design it Vintage  and Meredith at ArtsandClassy, they gave me great suggestions that eased my fear of painting it white.  Thank you ladies!!  Your input was well appreciated.  The room looks so much brighter, and cheerful and I can’t be more pleased with the new look.  Here comes picture overload .. Lol..


Same area as above, but I painted the mirror with Rose Gold metallic paint.. She looks so much better.



See how much brighter the fireplace looks ?




A view from the dining room is where Grace sits



By using the same window treatments saved money (besides I still like them) and now their true gold tone color really shows from the new wall color


The brass etagere was purchased for $30.00 a few months ago for the shop. Since we had to close unexpectedly, it found its new place here.  Now I have a place to display my vintage glass swan collection


I just couldn’t throw away that swatch of my favorite cheetah fabric from Sheba, so I covered a small vintage book and placed it under her ( for a pop of color)  Now I think I’ll cover the other two as well.


The other two books are covered and made a big difference



Clarissa came back to this room and sits gracefully in this corner


My plants are getting more light.  The Franco Albini ottoman (a Goodwill Find) holds my favorite DIY tray makeover ($2.00 item).


The view into the Living Room looks brighter and I love how it flows into the Dining a Room.  The room looks more spacious.


And if your eyes zeroed in on my peacock lamp, here’s a closer view.. (I love peacocks, too)


She was snagged at Kirkland’s ( on sale of course) and the florentine vintage wall sconces were  $5.00/pr.  The striped candles were yours truly DIY.


My carribbean girl artwork was purchased last summer when we went to the Bahamas for the family reunion was framed in an old frame I had in storage.  I just touched up the gold rim and oiled it.. It was a perfectly good frame- so why buy new.



The only brand new items in this room makeover are rug and bamboo plant stand, which were purchased at Home Goods and the white planter, purchased at Ross’s.  Everything else are ThriftScores, DIYers and vintage items.  So there you have it.. My accomplished $100.00 room makeover.  Oh and if you’re wondering about the other furniture.. I sold it – so I actually made money on this makeover and this really was free. Yippppeee!   So, let a sista know what you think ?  Next up – my foyer.   Anyone else up for a Spring makeover challenge?  Join me.. Let’s do this!

me on grace

Until next time lovies – Thrift your house into a home !  Smooches


21 thoughts on “Living Room Makeover

  1. Jamala,
    You have the knack for mixing old with new and not everyone can do that as successfully as you do. You also understand about lines and shapes that move energy around a room. For example, see how you always put something with flowing or round shapes in with squares and rectangles so that rooms are not all boxes and straight lines. The color change really works with the next room. It looks like you’ve doubled your real estate! Changing the color of the stove and fireplace surround was inspirational. That peacock lamp is my favorite. That is beautiful in form. I’ve covered a few cookbooks with fabric from 1950’s plaid cotton school dresses. I could never sell the dresses, but whenever I use a cookbook, seeing that cotton takes me right back to kindergarten and my excitement over getting the new dresses.

    • Hey Ginene!! Your compliment is much appreciated.. You picked out points that I was exactly targeting … (good eye). I was nervous about all of it, especially the line, but I’m really happy with the new look.. it’ll be this way for a very long time, chuckles… (and thanks for sharing your book cover story.. it tickled me- the memories we keep .. 🙂

  2. Let me just say, if you invited me into your home I’d feel right at home. I just love your home but you already know that. And I am in love with those candles.. when I saw those candles I thought to myself why isn’t that in my home? I need to DIY that. And that gold bookshelf… I so need that in my life. Girl you inspire me.

  3. I love how your space is so unique. You decorate with character and just from this first visit of mine to your blog I am hooked! Thanks for stopping by mine so I could find you too!

    • Thank you Teri! It was my pleasure to stop by yours. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I’m glad you visited me and very happy to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for following. I look forward to more connection.

  4. This is amazing! Fantastic makeover on a budget! Love every detail in your room Jamala. Great choice of paint color, it makes everything pop out in best light; everything looks so fresh and inviting.

  5. Jamala!!!! This is amazing! I am so happy the fireplace came together and I love that you painted the buck stove too. Great work and savvy decorating skills. I am so digging your style! Xo

  6. Let me start by complimenting you on your design style…it cannot be duplicated and to me, that is the beauty. Now on to the ORC- you nailed it!!! Of course I couldn’t help from noticing several of my favorite treasures like your coffee table, chandelier and those base boards. I’m up for an ORC and I will post next week. My master spring touch.

    • Hey Marsha, I apologize for my delay (I thought I responded, forgive my brain ) thank you so much. . I truly appreciate your compliment. That’s great to hear you’re doing one. . Please share with me. . I’m working on my foyer. .so it’ll be great to have company doing this challenge. I can’t wait to see yours

  7. Such a lovely room! I love the changes and especially the budget. I recently took the plunge and painted the fireplace in my home white and it made such a huge difference.

  8. Hi Jamala, now that is a make over to smile about. You did a wonderful job. Your work need to be in the Home Magazine. That is amazing!

  9. You are truly amazing. I’m sitting here just shaking my head Amazed! It’s Beautiful….The paint colors tuned out wonderful. I wish I wasn’t afraid to paint. I can’t trust myself that much. And it flows perfect. I think you will be spending more time in there now. “Grace” stops the show. Kudos to you. I’m doing my Spring bedding makeover and a few changes in the guest room. Small makeovers for me. Love your inspiration Jamala! Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Thank you Linda! Trust me I was skeptical and nervous especially with the stripes. . But was very happy with the turnout.. as creative as you are, I know you’ll do great. I can’t wait to see your bedding! I know is going to be fantastic

  10. Gorgeous work and looks like it was fun! You are amazing 🙂

    I have a quick question will your Buck-stove (fireplace insert) burn off that white paint when you fire it up? When we lived in Colorado we used the Buck-stove all winter long to keep the house warm.

    • Hey CJ. .. thanks. .yes I enjoyed doing this one. . And that’s a good question. .my only answer is, we haven’t used it in years. . (But it came in handy when our heating unit went on the blink a few years ago. So if we ever use it again. . I hope not. Lol. … if so. .back to the drawing board. .lol. . It’s only paint

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