The Last Cut

Happy Monday!! (if there is a such thing – unless it’s the start of a vacation  🙂   Just a quick  share of my newbies.. Remember the beautiful tulip fabric, well I had a few scraps of that plus some leftover fabric of  a different animal print used for another pillow for Grace.   I just had to get this fabric in this room – some how, some way.   By cutting out the tulips and creating a frame using the other leopard fabric I was able to squeeze a pillow… win-win!!


The other half was used to make a tootsie roll pillow

Turns out this fabric is very versatile … I was happy I was able to blend it with  another leopard print (see the common color)

They all look pretty cool together

One thing for sure .. As you see, I definitely got my $10.00 worth from this fabric.

Sitting Springy

You won’t be seeing anymore of my pilllow project.. (with this fabric that is  heehee)  For a lighter look, I switched out the planter on the coffee table.  The silver looks a bit brighter and I got this one from Goodwill for $2.99.. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like my maiden hair is going to make it..  but I’m trying to hang on to her..


Well that’s all folks..

As I always say –  Happy hunting by you thrift your house into a home.




12 thoughts on “The Last Cut

  1. This one almost slipped by me. But so glad I caught it. You know…. I love pillows…. and this just tickles my heart to the fullest. They are beautiful. Fabric prints are gorgeous together and perfect for Grace. Love it.

    • Well you inspire me continuously – creating those gorgeous pillows.. Thank you for all the motivation and creativity you share!

  2. Love the pillows and the fabric. Finding good deals on fabric are just a win win thing. I actually found some thick grey almost denim type fabric I am going to get my mother n law to make some big pillows for our couches. I am adding in the grey like you suggested I just have to find the time to get this accomplished.

    • Thanks Sylvia! (You see I had to create it like the monkey pillow- remember 😊 – my s&a classes)

  3. Your $10 bucks was well worth it. I love all the pillows especially the tootsie roll and they look so inviting on Grace!

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