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Copy of LET’S GO THRIFTING 2 by Jamala Kim Wallace

After the book signing event, the publicist for Benilde sent me “thank you” packet in the mail. It was a pleasure working with her on the event and I was extremely pleased with the turnout.  Even though a simple “Thank You” was gratifying, after-all it was my first time ever hosting such an event, I have to admit I was totally surprised when I opened the box and saw the book she sent. First, I didn’t know it was written, and second, could it be a (positive) sign.  You know, sometimes I believe in the astrology of things and how they say when the stars align and positive spirits flow around you – things happen.  Well for what it’s worth, I’m taking it as a good vibe.  I know there are things I need to learn as I begin to branch into  this online  magazine and this book will be my Class 101 lessons to be learned.    I’m being very honest when I say, I really enjoy working on this magazine.  It challenges me to expand my knowledge of different programs and how to use them, it encourages me to improve my photography skills, and allows me to be creative.

It also allows me the opportunity to invite others to join or share their story, idea, or photos to help broaden their exposure.  As one person asked me.. “aren’t I afraid I’d lose readers of my blog”?and although I hadn’t thought of it that way, I had to answer by saying a simple “no”.. but then later I thought about the question posed and came to the conclusion, I have to be confident in myself  and realize I’m not competing, I’m sharing.  The only competitive edge I ever remember in life was when I bowled… I enjoyed competing but also realized real quick – I’m not always going to win. With me doing this magazine, I’m simply sharing, exposing and giving… and that’s satisfying to me.  Where it takes me, or how long I’ll keep it.. it remains to be unknown, but for now I’m just enjoying the moment of being able to share it with you.

So with all that being said.. I hope you enjoy reading this edition of “Let’s Go Thrifting”.  Yard Sale season has begun and  it’s time to revv up to get our shopping game on! In this issue we focus on some inspiring ideas to look for while shopping plus offering great tips.  As I always say “Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home”  Until next time


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  1. It’s so gratifying to create and share our passions with others. I can tell you are enjoying your new venture. The fireplace photo really brought back memories. We had a log holder exactly like the one you photographed.

    • Yes, Glenda, you are so right…Your comment about the log holder is the core of why I love antiques… (memories they invoke)

  2. Love it!, Love it! Always interesting articles and a source of inspiration. I want to keep hard copies on my cocktail table so I can tell everyone “Yes, indeed I know her, she’s my awesome niece”. :-)!!!!! Any wind I can produce to keep you in the sky, I will do. love ya.

    • Awww,, thank you Linda!! Believe it or not.. I’m pricing to see what it would cost to have it printed (fingers crossed) so please keep sending those loving vibes — thank you so much for your continued support and contributions – love ya too!!

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