Wednesday Wow!

Ever hit a shopping scene that makes your heart race?  Well I’ve been there several times, but this time I have to give major kudos to Amina for scoring big at the auction.  It was like a $5.00 Frenzy going on and our minds were in a whirlwind.  As she was sending the pictures it seemed like an eternity having them come through on my phone…. they just couldn’t download fast enough.. lol!  This brass demilune table was the first one she sent and asked… do you want it?  Like uuuuuuhhhhhh  — HELL YEA!!!!!!! I told her my maximum bid but was very doubtful considering they cost quite a bit.

When she texted me – “it’s yours” – I was totally happy.. next I needed to know how much… she responded $5.00 – Let’s just say my smile was wide as a football stadium.  I was looking for a table for my living room and when I got it home (mind you I came home from my NJ visit with a truck load – which I’ll be showing you).  I figured I’d try it in an unconditional space…. my bedroom.. as my bedside table.  If you recall when I did my bedroom tour I mentioned I was looking for a nightstand to replace the hat boxes.  To my surprise it was the perfect height as the night stand and it worked in the space.

It actually opened the space (weird)..  I always say patience is a virtue and I’m so happy I waited.

I’m loving my non-traditional bedside table, and you know I like to mix things up.  

Next win was this amber blown glass mid-century lamp – yes.. for $5.00 (a close friend keeps saying “lamps are a thing of the past” – I keep telling her she’s wrong…lol.. but with beauties like this she’ll change her mind .

I added a black shade and it has a sexy new look.

See the tiny little ostrich like droplets inside the glass and mixed with the brass gives this lamp a swanky look.

But that’s not all… She was on a roll.. and I was totally excited (actually freaking out with excitement was more like it) on the other end of the phone, just waiting anxiously for the next group of pictures to arrive.  She scored again!! Another $5.00  purchase was the pair of rattan tables.

The phone went “bing” again and my nail biting moment self was yelling at the phone “c’mon- will ya!!!!!!!!!” lol..  and a picture of this fab mid-century chair – (peep the beautiful mid-section) appeared before my eyes..  Yes again – $5.00

The frenzy continued, because that’s not all.. each of these pieces was $5.00 again!!!  I told Mina, I clearly broke Tony Montana’s cardinal rule.. “don’t get high on your own supply” – (hello, my name is Jamala and I’m a thrift score addict)

Can we step back and gawk at this pair of round mirror topped contemporary wood tables and totally unbelievable.. but again— YES!!! $5.00  (key word- pair)

And if you excitement is bursting like ours.. one last item to I have to show to take you over the top, is the rattan settee she scored.  Unfortunately she didn’t get it for $5.00 – but fortunately she got it for a whopping $2.50.  Ok guys,  grab your seats or be ready to go eeeeeek!!  OMGawd!!! WTF!!! AND HOT DAMN!!!

All I know is she hit the jackpot.  She is truly my ride or die and I can’t thank her enough for spending six hours (6) getting these great bargains.  I told her as soon as she gets home to Facetime me so we can both sit back and say “Ahhhhhhhh” … you know.. the feeling like having good sex and you need to smoke a cigarette, a drink and kick your heels up… yes,, we both had that feeling.. and loved every bit of it.  As I always say – Happy Hunting while you thrift your house into a home!!!





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