Friday Finds

As I stated in my going home post, we hit a few estate sales after Thanksgiving.  While many others were lined up at the malls, Amina, my mother and I chose the alternate route to Shop Small and hit some estate sales on Saturday.  Estate sales are fantastic to shop because you get to go into the homes and see how all the beautiful items graced the homes before they hit the thrift stores and Goodwills.  One of the sales we hit had some vintage dresses.  Amina spotted this beauty hanging and snatched it quickly.  She/we were awed with the dress, not to mention surprised to see the perfect condition it was in.

The champagne fabric blended with the soft pastel mint green and iridescent sequin was a stunner and had the elegance of 1970’s Hollywood regency glam.  We didn’t care if it didn’t fit us, all we knew, it was coming home with us!  The cost of vintage gowns is on the rise, so snagging this at the estate sale was an extreme bargain. Brenda, another childhood friend came over for a visit  and we were telling her about the dress and when we showed it to her, her eyes lit up (just like ours).  Needless to say, she landed the modeling job, and rightfully so.  Brenda still looks the same as she did 30 years ago and has maintained her girlish figure.. (yes I’m totally jealous – lol).. but you have to admit she looks fabulous in this gown.   It’s almost like it was tailor made for her.   We were so giddy about the dress.. I told her strike that “Diana Ross – Mahogany” pose for us – lol!

She looked so beautiful in the dress and given it looks like it was made for her, it was destined to be hers – so needless to say.. she got herself a vintage beauty (wink-wink).

Huge thanks to Brenda for braving the chilly air so I can photograph you.   We also lucked up with a big stack of 45’s (records).  There was an wide array of records from Jean Carne, to the BeeGees to Barry White and the Beatles.  So needless to say we were having a ball listening to the records and playing “name that tune” –  do you all remember playing that?  

Although the younger crew didn’t get our excitement of playing records, because in their minds playing records was a thing of the past (you can get on YouTube for the song).  I beg to differ on that, because as they saying goes.. “those were the good ole’ days” sitting in our room with our friends playing records and dancing.  That was a fun flashback night.

Amina scored a complete set of tortoise Bakelite flatware.  She’d been wanting some for a while and this set was in perfect condition.  The cost of Bakelite has been creeping upwards so she saved quite a bit at the estate sale.

By getting them at the sale, you can tell they’ve been well taken care of (unlike if you snag some at a thrift store, they’re usually rusted or worn out)

I picked up this cute turquoise and gold ginger jar.  The lid had a small crack, but the previous owner glued it back together. That was fine with me because I loved the color and it looks so good on my bedside table (I just turned the crack part towards the window).  It kinda reminded me of when my grandmother broke one of her (I assumed to be) treasured pieces, she glued it back together.  It was a coffee cup and the handle broke.  Instead of her throwing it away, she took the time to glue it back on.  Back then, folks believed in fixing or gluing things instead of throwing it away and buying another (so quickly).

(btw – the picture of the little girl is my mother when she was about 5 years old)

I’ve been eyeing this coral reef at Pottery Barn, but $29.50 was a bit steep for me, so I just waited.  Low and behold we found this one at the estate sale for far less.  I like when I find things that I’ve been wanting and just happen to come across them.

One thing I always look for when I go to estate sales are candles.  If I see scented ones I buy them.  Although I didn’t see any scented candles, I did see a stack of Colonial Candles and vintage candles by Lenox.  I was able to get all these candles for a fraction of what they normally cost.

As you see, estate sales are not only economically smart to shop, but they’re full of surprises.  So while you’re out there shopping – don’t forget to hit a few estate sales.  You never know what you’ll find – perhaps you’ll find an “oldie but goodie” for yourself or as a gift.  As always – happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!




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  1. Great finds. I love the dress and your friend looks fabulous modeling this vintage beauty. She’s beautiful as well. Thanks for sharing.

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