Once upon a tray table

There once was a life for this boring tray table.  But since the children are gone and we’ve become empty nesters.. there isn’t much use for it.  The kids used it for multiple purposes..so it just sits in a corner…that is until now..I’ve decided to make good use of it for myself.  So here’s a look at the poor old lifeless tray table.  Very ordinary right?  But.. it served its purpose for them and now it’s about to serve its purpose for me.

Time to get rid of the bland wood tone.  I’ve always wanted to try chalkboard paint so this would be my first project using it.  I painted the top with the chalkboard paint and painted the bottom with a hammered bronze paint.   So far so good, I like how it came out.

But it still needed something to hide the squareness of the boring table..    Remember my  $0.50 Sunday project ?  The picture frame is ready to be used

I measured the frame and the opening fits perfectly  on top of the table.  Soooo,  now the old tray table has a new look..It is now the guest bedroom “Welcome Station” .

I wrote a little note to let them know how welcomed they are.

The ribbon holds a spare key just in case I leave, they’ll still have access to the house.

It’s no longer sitting there to collect dust

Holla at your girl and let me know what you think?  Feel free to follow me on my Pinterest Make-MeOver board

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DIY Projects and Makeovers

Try a few of my DIY Projects or get inspired by my makeovers!  Click the picture to open the link!




antlertray3-11   coasters8-1    scrub

coasters  grace4-1   guest-room7-1  berniebedroom5-12

foyer9-11   sheba10  leopardtray1   gazebo6-11

mirror5 chair14    cabinet makeover1   herbal cart

planterabra-1  diva-chick1-1 metal-chair5-1   stripecandle4-1

tablerunner    stool9  tray table



Make Me Over Flashbacks

My old school jam Flashlight to listen to for Flashbacks!  Me, music and projects are like the three musketeers…

It’s Throwback Thursday as they say in FB World, so I figure I’d do a quick flashback review of  my “Make Me Over” projects.   I didn’t tear down walls, rebuild, or create drastic changes (yet – smiles) but these were simple projects using  paint and fabric and a bit of creativity.

I’ll start with the most drastic transformation of the lovely slipper chair.  I know call me crazy, but when I spotted this on “bulk trash day” I was ecstatic about picking it up.  Of course, I was told I lost my mind, but that’s okay.. because it’s one of the best chairs in the house.

Shortly after that came the sofa.  Dragged in from the streets – I paid $35.00 for it and paid $150.00 to have it re-upholstered.




The rattan high back chair was purchased for $20.00 at a garage sale.  Transformed for $80.00 (it’ll be transformed again)


Up next is the freebie I did myself:  This cabinet had a good structure but could use TLC.  It was being thrown away, but now it’s home with me.   My first intention was to use it as a bath cabinet but it was a tad bit too big.  However, it’s perfect in the foyer under the mirror.  Just 2 cans of Rustoleum metallic silver spray paint and a simple mirror cut ($12.00) to place on top adds a special touch.  This piece costed me $20.00 to complete:

Two other freebies I created were the doggie beds for Ms. Koko.  Using the boxes from Costco, old pillows, paint and few embellishments these were too simple not to do:

The footstool was another freebie.  The store was going out of business and it didn’t have a price tag, so the guy said – take it… so … I took it.   I love the green/copper combination.

Dumpster dive freebie was this – I guess- bar stool bottom.  It’s been transformed into a plant stand for less than $5.00.  I used Valspar white spray paint and brushed the tips with Martha Stewart metallic gold.  The tile topper was caught on sale at Lowes.

The transformation of my office was really a blessing for me:  I needed my  own work space and without building or taking away a room, this proved to be an asset to the home.

Using an unused tray table, a picture frame and chalk paint – a new welcome station is used in the guest room:

The revamp of the Martha Stewart wastebasket was a winner:

Then there’s this corner table.   I used Valspar Ivory Bluff spray paint to freshen up the look.  I know some would cringe about  painting wood, but I really wanted a brighter look for it.

A simple, easy-peasy project was to create an earring holder from an antique mirror.  Just hot glued a piece of  screen, used Krylon nickel spray paint to freshen up the look.  Total cost $0.50 (lucked up & got the paint at a yard sale)

Outdoor projects like the diva chick was a blast.  In fact I won 1st place in a garden contest with it…. yipppeeee!

The herbal cart and bistro set were featured on Hometalk.. I was very happy about that:

Scrap fabric was used for the outdoor furniture cushions update:

Added a bit of whimsy to the garden with this firescreen purchased from Goodwill:

Be creative with objects and re-purpose them.  The rusted plant stand makes great use in the bathroom.

Or this rusted light fixture used as a plant holder – There are lots of things that could be multi-purposed….

Last but not least – paint and stencils gave the outdated wine rack a new look


and my sister did this chair for her daughter with just paint and fabric.  The power of paint, fabric and creativity goes a long way.  So, the next time you come across something, take a second look and use your imagination.  You’ll be surprised what you create.

Always remember to crank up the music to the get the project party started.  You might even find yourself doing a dance or two to keep the rhythm going.. it really makes it all the better!  I hope you enjoyed my Flashlight-Flashback!   Happy Thursday!!!




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