Again With the Lamps

Hi everyone, I hope your weekend was fantastic!!  I enjoyed mine and had a few productive moments. It’s no secret that I have a fettish for vintage lamps ..  Heck even now as I look back at this picture I see four I wish I had gotten.. (especially the white one – darn).. but moving right along…    Do you recall my post about all the lamps I found thrifting? Not mention the ones I found for the Living Room.   I did get the jade and brass hollywood regency style lamps pictured and they’ve been in storage.  I started pulling things out to get ready for the big I2I Yard Sale our town runs in June and took a closer look at them.  I said to myself (are you really going to sell these??? hmmmm??? hmmmm? — my mind said Hell NO!!)  So I had to bounce it off my other half.. one simple text – Are they Keepers –  Response — YES!!  Music to my ears.. so there you go… I kept them.  Now I needed a place to put them. Think, think, think, think think…….Ahhhh the guest room.. Maybe I could part with the white and brass lamp (given it’s really not a bedside lamp due to the size, but I truly do love that lamp)  Just when I thought I didn’t need to hit this room anymore… right…??  Dilemmas, dilemmas….

I gave it a whirl and switched it and actually – I thought they were perfect for the room and right size for the bedside table. Well, it’s all good, because in the world of thrift – that’s great.. We get to switch items out without breaking the bank.  The smaller lamp was a better look for the area.  (I will eventually change the shades.. but for now.. these will do – they’re clean and not torn)

I gave them a good cleaning and used some barkeepers friend on the brass to bring them back to life.


The smaller lamp is definitely a better fit for the small area.

I guess you’re wondering what did I do with the mate.. The room has a small alcove space where I had the  welcoming tray table.

I switched it out to bring in a bar cart (another item I was going (keyword going) to sell).   I’ve had this for months as well, and  decided if it’s going to collect dust.. mind as well use it and make it look pretty.  The other lamp landed here along with a few other bar accessories and trinkets.

Now the space is even more cozier and functional.  I have the cart stocked with a few nibbles and nightcaps for guests.  I also used a very low wattage bulb just in case they would want to visit the bar at night without turning on a bright light.

I do believe I enjoy having this station in the room and the lamp is pretty much a good size.  I have to say it again… these are some really nice lamps..!!

This was styled by using items I already had from previous thriftscapades…(thrift+escapades).    Candle holders.. $.25 ea  glasses $2.00, monogram napkins $.50, flower pot $2.99


What’s your take on these lamps.. were they keepers???

The vintage metal wall sculpture.. $.99 cents, (it was one of those- oh well – what the heck – moments- tossed in the cart.. because – you never know) type deal.   I got it last year sometime, and again, found it while cleaning out and thought it would look good on this wall for an extra added decorative touch.

Soooo.. now I’m going to say I’m OOOFFICIALLY DONE with the guest room.. lol.. (for now – until I find new shades)

I hope I didn’t bore you with the room (again) but I do get excited about these finds.  I love to show how you can incorporate vintage lamps into your home decor without looking too outdated.  The right lamp and style could really accent a room’s decor.  Switching shades on vintage lamps gives them a whole new look.  Once I find the right shades.. I’ll be back to reveal the new look.  Until next time – as always – happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home.






10 thoughts on “Again With the Lamps

  1. Super gorgeous lamp! We are moving this summer and I can’t wait to start vintage shopping once we get all moved in. I think I said this before but that room is gorgeous! My grandmother has this old tall vintage dresser since I was a baby and it’s now sitting in my sisters house just waiting to be restored. I’m taking it off her hands. I can’t wait to restore it!

    • Hey April!! Thank you lady – I’m happy to hear you love the room! I look forward to what you share while you’re out vintage shopping.. It’ll be exciting. and I definitely look forward to you sharing your grandmother’s dresser!

  2. Beautiful, Cozy and all of the above. Don’t stop. It must be one of your many callings because you find beautiful vintage lamps. Always in the right place, right time. The bar cart is perfect. So enjoy your awesome finds and how you decorate with them. More please 🙂

  3. Bravo!!! So glad that I found your blog. All of the pieces are so beautifully curated. I love finding lamps but my achilees heel is finding the right lamp shades without breaking the bank.

    • Hi Marie! I’m happy to hear you found me as well! I adore meeting new people on my blog… welcome and thank you for joining me.. I appreciate your compliment.. just smile fyi… the store At Home offers fantastic shades at great prices.

    • Hey Veronica! Thanks..I actually feel bad taking it out because I literally have no place to put it… and I love it too.. big dilemma now.. lol..

  4. Uh uh, no….you were NOT going to sell that bar cart!!! What??!?!? That would have been a monumental mistake, and I’m glad you backed off of that! It’s a great piece with lots of versatility. The way you are currently using it is terrific.

    I have never been able to find good lamps at a thrift sale. You hit the jackpot. I’ve not been thrifting in so long now…I’m sure I’ve lost my touch altogether.

    Happy April!

    • Well what a big surprise! Indeed it’s a happy Spring! Alycia it’s a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for joining me…and for your compliment .. ps… you never loose your touch for thrifting .. smooches and hugs to you

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