Once upon a tray table

There once was a life for this boring tray table.  But since the children are gone and we’ve become empty nesters.. there isn’t much use for it.  The kids used it for multiple purposes..so it just sits in a corner…that is until now..I’ve decided to make good use of it for myself.  So here’s a look at the poor old lifeless tray table.  Very ordinary right?  But.. it served its purpose for them and now it’s about to serve its purpose for me.

Time to get rid of the bland wood tone.  I’ve always wanted to try chalkboard paint so this would be my first project using it.  I painted the top with the chalkboard paint and painted the bottom with a hammered bronze paint.   So far so good, I like how it came out.

But it still needed something to hide the squareness of the boring table..    Remember my  $0.50 Sunday project ?  The picture frame is ready to be used

I measured the frame and the opening fits perfectly  on top of the table.  Soooo,  now the old tray table has a new look..It is now the guest bedroom “Welcome Station” .

I wrote a little note to let them know how welcomed they are.

The ribbon holds a spare key just in case I leave, they’ll still have access to the house.

It’s no longer sitting there to collect dust

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13 thoughts on “Once upon a tray table

  1. Hush UP!!!!!!!!!!! This is SO creative!!! You have just given me a SUPER idea!!! I have tons of old picture frames stored (ashamed to admit they’re stored under our bed!), and I love this idea!!!I’m not the best when it comes to wielding a can of spray paint, but I’m sure I could rise to the occasion…or get my neighbor to help! 🙂 This is a super smart way to turn “trash” to pure treasure!!!!!! I’m going to start following you because I see several projects on here that would be perfect for either my house or my best friend’s. She doesn’t have a lot of money (who does these days? 🙁 ) to play around with, but some of your thrifty and creative ideas would make her little heart sing!

    • You have made me smile.. I’m so glad to hear your excitement about my blog…I’m truly a thrifter and have so much fun with it. I love how we bloggers all connect with each other bringing joy and excitement in what we do.. I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful posts.

  2. How cute! Every time I see those type of little tables I think that they could look so much better with a little DIY. Your’s turned out great! Thanks for stopping by chapter37 and for your kind comment!

  3. That is soooo cute! SMH cute! Love everything about it. Leaving little notes, or menu for lunch, Too cute. Well done. Never used chalk board paint always wondered how well it worked. Now I know from a trusted source. Thanks!! Love it!

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