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I’m glad you found me and thank you for popping over to my corner of cyberpace.  My name is Jamala, but also lovingly known as Kim.  My passion is decorating on a dime and I love mixing old and new items to develop a personal style for our home.  If you’re new here, welcome to my thrifty world of shopping for items to feed my fettish.  I love scouring estate/yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores and antique shops to find fantastic bargains because my mantra is “it’s the thrill of the hunt”.  I’m a wife, mother and blogger and music is my therapy.   Born in New Jersey and now transplanted in So. Carolina, I consider myself a northern girl with a southern swirl.   My love of vintage started at the tender age of 15, when me & my twin sister, Amina, found our  first vanity on the side of the curb.  We brought it home, painted it and adored using it.  Since then so many pieces have found their way into our hearts and homes that we had no other choice but to take the entrepreneur leap and open a boutique and estate sale service,  which we named Pieces of Time.  This blog is a creative outlet to show how decorating our home on a budget using vintage items can be fun, functional and fantastic.

Why I chose my blog’s name?  Vintage furniture and home decor items are not only nostalgic, but they are also timeless pieces.   I definitely believe in the the “R’s” of decorating – Reuse Re-cycle Re-create – and by following that concept it saves tons of furniture from our landfills. such as this little beauty I call Clarissa.

Clarissa's New Look

In my downtime, you can find me in the kitchen trying new recipes to share with you on the “TwinsLuvCooking page.  There, you will find tried and tasty recipes which are simple to make and tastes great.  Cooking is easy with “TLC”.  Our recipes are made with Tender Love and Care by TwinsLuvCooking.

caesar chicken

So, grab a snack, pull up a chair, get comfortable,  and make yourself at home on my blog.  Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy your visit!    My mission is to continue to share decorating ideas with a strong appreciation of vintage pieces and to inspire you to add them to your home’s decor for that unique touch.

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10 thoughts on “About Me and My Blog

  1. I am so glad I found you… My sweet, sweet man and I love to thrift, antique and enjoy making our home beautiful with what we find! Going to enjoy following along!

  2. Hi Jamala! Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog. I’m your new follower too 🙂 Whitney is such a kind young lady. I hope you enjoy So What to Twenty!

  3. My friend, Janet, called me today to tell me how Chloe is after the operation and to ask me to thank you personally from her. She said that she felt blessed “like it was a miracle” she said that a stranger would help her. I have more to tell you and will see if I can find your email address. Kim.

  4. Neat back story, and good-lookin’ young men you’ve got there! They’re big and strong and perfect for doing all that heavy lifting! (That’s why we have kids, isn’t it? 😉 ) I love the idea of vintage and of making old things new again, but I don’t possess the patience or talent to get that party started. I’m always so thrilled to find someone who not only knows how, but LOVES it!!!

    • Thanks Alycia, I appreciate your kind words.. I really love your tablescapes.. Your are fantastic.. I only wished I lived in your area.. Then I’d be in party heaven.. Chuckles… But in all.. Your blog was definitely eye candy for me..I will be passing it on to a few others.. Maybe one day.. Have a linkup party. 🙂

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