Nursery Visit

The past few days we’ve had so much rain.  I was happy about it because the perennials hadn’t blossomed yet and are now bursting out the ground.  Being happy to finally have a sunny afternoon, I spent my lunch hour visiting the local nursery to browse for something to add to the flower bed.  I came across the yard art section and took the time to admire the local artistry available.  Too much to chose from at this point, but one thing for sure ” I’ll be back”.


The Frog Family was really cute for a whimsical garden theme

I continue to the plant section and came across these “easy to grow” items.  Naturally, I wanted to take them all but I had to narrow down my purchase.  I decided to bring one of each home with me.


I’m still pondering a decision about a fence for the backyard.  I’ve been pricing some in Lowe’s and Home Depot but they’re costly, and if you’ve been a blog follower, you know I’m the queen of thrift.   As I was leaving the nursery I looked across the parking lot and saw a pile of pallets.

Pallet Stack

Pallet Stack

I said to myself “Hmmmm, I wonder if a fence can be made with them”.   So I googled fences made with pallets and found these inspiration photos

Photo courtesy of Camelot Art Creation

Photo courtesy of Camelot Art Creation

I called the nursery to inquire about them and was told they were FREE!  I can take as many as I want.  Needless to say, I headed back to begin my stock pile of pallet fencing.  What a great deal ( for the queen of thrift).  On my way home, I stopped again at another nursery to see if they had any sale items and saw this table of “50% off” plants and decided to bring these home with me.

These little darlings will join me when I get ready to make my succulet pots

As I was leaving, this big potted Agave arrangement caught my eye.  I love it, especially because all the plants are succulents.   I have a potted agave so I think I’ll make this arrangement.   Having inspiration photos really make things easier 🙂

All in all …. I think this was a good day … now comes the planting fun.  Stay tuned for the potting pictures… See ya!

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