Garden Diva Chick

Today I finally decided to go to the nursery with this wire bodice I’ve had for few years.  She sat in my flower bed naked but nice.  I just had a good idea to cover her up with some plants.

I went to Wingard’s Nursey in Lexington because they had a complete potting area and very friendly staff to help with any questions I may have.   The first step was to put coconut fiber all around to hold the dirt.  I added the cordyline plant as the head topper

Next was time to be creative with plants.  I chose succulents and mostly hens&chicks plants because they’re easy to grow and require the least maintenance.

Once the plants were all in, I covered the fiber with spanish moss to complete the look.

This is the finished product of my Diva Chic (named from the hens&chic plants she’s filled with)

Can’t wait to see how she really looks when all the plants begin to really grow..let’s hope her hips don’t spread too much  🙂

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