Green Thumb Gene

It’s been such a pleasue sharing my garden pictures and stories with you, not to mention, sharing a neighbor’s yard in one of my posts, as well.  This post is my dedication to a few other gardens I admire.   I’m starting to believe that gardening is in my genes.  I remember my grandmothers having beautiful plants and often wondered “how” come her plants always look healthy. My aunts have green thumbs and are so creative in their gardens.  In this post I’d like to pay tribute to “The Green Thumb Gene” that flows in my blood.

This garden belongs my aunt “Pookie”.  I’ve always admired her yard and house plants.  Come take this tour with me threw her lovely garden oasis that’s filled with bunches of eye candy.

As you enter, you are greeted with the bird bath and her creative use for the vintage step ladder.

          The frog holding the flower arrangement is another little cutey   that sits nearby.  The mailman won’t deliver to this mailbox planter that’s neatly tucked in a flower bed.     

Mr. Bunny is on stand-by looking to watch..      Traveling around the path  brings you to another creative rocky sight ,  The hungry Aligator was made from an assortment of rocks she found.      And lastly, as you go further across the yard,    you’ll see the best creative idea…The Outdoor Fireplace planter.  Taking advantage of the old saying “One man’s junk”… she saved this from heading to the dumpster.. another great find.  Here she has it in the garden.

Now how creative was that????  I say, it’s two thumbs up for Pookie’s Paradise Garden…


Next up is my aunt “Bernie’s” yard.  Her yard, though small, packs a big punch of excitement.  The first burst of garden glory your eyes will see once  upon entering her sanctuary, is this life-size mural she drew on the garage wall.  With a love for sunflowers, her vision came from basking in the joy of having a field sunflowers.  The bed of hostas that bloomed underneath are so large and healthy, they just add to the mural giving it a 3D effect.

As you proceed into her yard, you hear the enchanting,

trickling sound of her wonderful fountain

Which leads to another of her creations… She became inspired by this mural with a vision of how her grandfather was in his garden

I just love how the Black-eyed Susans are surrounding the mural, making it appear that Granddad is actually sowing his garden.  So here you have it, after seeing the creativity flowing in these two ladies, I can’t help but believe – it’s in the genes,  I hope you enjoyed the journey through two of my favorite gardens.  I’ll be posting a few more “Garden Delites” before the beauty of summer ends

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  1. Thanks for the tours. Both gardens are grand. The murals are simply spectacular. You are right about the green thumb gene. I think there’s a creativity gene and a worker bee gene too that enables you all to create and maintain your creations as well.

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