Three = One

I know you’re probably wondering where on earth did I get the name of this post.. well it’s a simple reason.. I had these three items on hand… and decided to put them to use…It was a simple little project that took…oooohhh maybe 15 minutes.. and yet it became one useful item for my guestroom. The best part of this project was great use of found and unused items that would have wound up either in the trash or the next yard sale.

Let’s start with item #1 – an old wrought iron picture frame. I love the shape but couldn’t find a picture I thought would look nice inside of it.

Next, is item #2 A piece of door screen used from another project. Although the project had been finished a while ago, the packrat in me just couldn’t throw away the remaining piece, so needless to say, its been lying around waiting for some use for it to come to mind.

Last, but not least – Item #3 A can of spray paint I bought from a garage sale for 50cents. When I bought the paint, I had no idea what to use it for, but I liked the color and figured it would come in handy – one day. Besides 50cents for a full can – is a steal.

My handy-dandy hot glue gun put the pieces together…

My handy glue gun

My handy glue gun


These three pieces have become a nifty dresser item for guest to use as a earring holder for easy access.

It’s a big coincience that the color of the spray paint matches the guest room perfectly!

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