A Pink Surprise

I’m going to stray off the beaten path with this post, because I generally I post about home decor and thrifty finds. This post is about a thrifty find but not about home decor. My other half (meaning twin), was attending a yard sale and came across some sweaters being sold. She called to tell me all about it, sounding so excited, because she couldn’t believe they were being sold for $3.00.. that’s right… $3.00. They were pink angora sweaters with a fur(fake but feels real) shawl collar.. Naturally, I’m thinking it was only one, but she stated the lady had several, so she’s getting me one too (great!!!).   She was wanting to buy them all, but who else could fit a small.. so no need to get them all… oh well, I was happy just to be getting mine, so I’m thanking God, she had two… chuckles.. Well, she mailed me the sweater and it came just in time for my birthday (even though she said it wasn’t a b-day gift) .. it was to me (it’s not the cost that counts – it’s the thought that counts)..and BOY WAS I SHOCKED when I opened the box.. I was just tickled PINK so I just had to share this with you… here is the $3.00 sweater I received..

It’s sooooo soft..   I can’t wait to wear it… ..  THANK YOU MINA!!!!!!

This is why this little statue sits where I can always be reminded…

Ain't nothin like a sista!

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