50cent Sunday

Today was a beautiful fall Sunday, so I figured I’d do some yard work..raking… no doubt. But when I got outside and saw this..I quickly changed my mind…Ugghhh…


Hard to believe summer is over and all my hard work looks like that…  Oh well, I’ll get back to the dreaded raking..  Then I remembered some overdue painting projects I needed to care of.  I used the can of paint purchased from a yard sale for $0.50 back in the summer to complete the overdue projects.

50 cents item

Time to pull out the items in dire need of a new look.

Item #1   – A badly rusted vintage iron ashtray, bought from a yard sale for $3.00

A rusted ashtray

Item #2  –   A rusty iron light fixture bought for $2.00 (the clay tray was bought a few years ago, but needed a new look also)

Rusty light fixture

Item #3  –  A vintage picture frame bought for $5.00

Vintage Frame

After gently sanding off the loose rust, brushing off the dirt and spider webs and removing the electrical wiring from the light fixture, I grabbed the rubber gloves and began painting.  The one can covered all the items perfectly and they really look great.

The ash tray became a much needed plant stand for a plant being brought in for the winter.  I used it in a corner in the foyer, after all the space could use a little something there.

The light fixture (flipped upside down) became a plant stand for another plant in the dining room… Nice huh?

The picture frame hasn’t found a home yet, but trust and know a place will be found.  It came too nice not to use.. (I’m thinking as a mirror – or part of a frame collage for a blank wall – will keep you posted)

I can’t believe the one can covered all this.. I even had enough for this old pepsi bottle carrier..


Now, it’s time to get some vintage pepsi bottles to go with it to use as a centerpiece  ( I have 2 – need 4 more)  then I’ll show you the centerpiece.

All in all, it’s been a productive Sunday (for 50 cents)…..  I’ll get to those leaves another time… after all – more are still falling..  sigh….




2 thoughts on “50cent Sunday

  1. Wow….It all turned out great! Spray paint is the bomb! (as you would say) 🙂 Love the ashtray turned planter!! Did you do the shell in the plant “Embrace me”? Nice touch…..I love Mondays!! Thanks Kim.

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