A $2.00 Tuesday

Hey there! This is a quickie that I have to show you.  Last Tuesday I was headed to lunch and passed this little thrift shop – I’ve been meaning to stop in there but every time I passed – it was closed. Well, I got lucky, it was open.  So I walked in (and for the life of me- I can’t figure out why do they all have that same “old” smell..chuckles.. oh well.. moving right along…I did my usual eyescope around the store.. Nothing caught my eye. Just as I was about to head out the door I looked up and caught this plant holder. Remember these..
Well needless to say it was $2.00 and you know it came home with me.  I spruced it up and hung another one of my babies in it.   Love the  shells..  I had a little left over from the plant stand and decided to use it on the pot.


And now comes the plant….


not bad huh?? for $2.00 .  Did you ever come across a $2.00 fab find..?  If so, please share.  I would love to hear about it or send me a picture so I feature it on the blog..  till next time…. ta-ta..

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