No more plant stand

I had this vintage plant stand on my deck for the past two summers and didn’t do anything with it… Well, today…..guess what this old weather rusted stand became?


First I had to do a bit of scraping to get the rust off, and then I used spray paint ( I’m really liking the use of spray paint – because it’s so simple and easy)..  I used a color called Avocado which is a pretty soft green.

The new color is on, the rust is all gone and I like how it looks.  ..

Do you think you can figure out what it became?   What would you use it as??    I’ll give you a hint.. it’s coming inside for a better use..

It became a BATH STATION


Here it is…. and this is how I’m using it now..

I found another planter not being used and decided to make it the facial cloth holder

I definitely think it’s better here than outside on  the deck rusting away.  I couldn’t use the cute cabby I did any longer because it was a tad too big  for the corner

I still needed something to accommodate the bath accessories, and this came in handy.

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