Falling Lite as a Feather

When I think of feathers, I see the bird in  flight .. soaring high in the sky..    Watching how it soars so high is one of nature’s beauty.   It’s something special about feathers.. I believe it’s a combination of their softness mixed with the array of colors they come in that draws my attention.  I love using them in home decor.   As you listen to the lyrics in this song, they really exemplify the significance of feathers and how they can be used in home decor because not only are they important for birds to fly high, but as the lyrics say.. make your heart lite as a feather so you let nothing hold you down.  When it comes to decorating with feathers- go with the wind  and flow free as a breeze thinking of all the possibilities.

This post is the journey I took using feathers in home decorating.  Here I took a strand of feathers just to outline  pillar candles that were sitting on a charger plate (the left pedestal is a tiffany shade turned upside down  and the right is a old lamp base)


When I made these pillows,  I used feathers as the trim instead of the usual fringe


Feathers flowing from the lampshades adds  extra flare to them


There’s even a feathered wreath greeting you at the door- Open your eyes and appreciate the beauty they bring

This fall and winter  season  incorporate a few in your decor to see the difference they make in your room

Even create a beautiful table centerpiece with feathers in a vase with nuts or pine cones


So as plenty feathers fall from the sky and grace us with their beauty,  you can use your imagination and let it soar with so many possibilities to use in your home

The knobs on the antique wine cabinet caught these beauties (they were christmas tree ornaments but I used them for knob enhancements)

The glass knobs on the French doors caught this feathered ornament

A simple spray of ostrich feathers tucked inside a candle holder – adorns the french vanity

So you see… using feathers in your home decor is simple and lite as a feather

MJ 2013 feathers falling

Have I convinced you to tickle your fancy with a few feathers?  I hope so……

But however you choose to use them, let your imagination  soar high and Fall with feathers


2 thoughts on “Falling Lite as a Feather

  1. HOW did I miss this post??? I LOVE This!! are you kidding me, how did I miss it. OMG this is beautiful! Seriously I love the look of ornaments hanging from door knobs, I have one in beads and crystals, but the feathers add a special and unique look. The Lamp shades, the vase, the wreath…everything I love! It’s time for a coffee table book, large pictures of these beautiful accents for your home. It would be a beautiful house warming gift. Beautiful just beautiful. 🙂

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