$2.00 Tuesday #7

Is it me or is it that these $2.00 items are just making themselves be there for me.. lol.. because I declare..  they’re popping up all over the place.. (it’s like they’re saying – here she come- oooo -pick me, pick me..)… Unbelievable.. but it’s true and here I was thinking it was’t going to last long because there aren’t a lot of things worth blogging about for $2.00.  Well, I’ll ride it as long as I can…  I just hope you enjoy the ride with me.. and if you don’t, feel free to say “Hey Kim no more..”.. until then.. here’s the next $2.00  post..

Ok.. Goodwill is the source.. I know you’ve seen these vases all over.. well.. it’s $0.50, the candle (still wrapped) $0.50 that only equals $1.00.  But I did pick something else up for $2.00 which I’ll show you in a few..But first I want to show you what I did with these two items, because the other item is a no-brainer.

Keep in mind that I’m making use of the items and not spending  anymore money to  use it.  I sprayed painted some leaves for the silverleaf effect (my attempt at a little pun)

I inserted the candle into the vase.. Using a pair of stacking trays I already had, I flipped the larger one upside down and placed the smaller one on top,  added some live pine stems .. then made a seasonal arrangement with feathers (which I love) pine cones and this is my $1.00 finished product. …


It looks pretty good on top of the little cute cabinet I refinished back in the summer

Ok that was my first dollar spent .. ..  moving along..  This is what I bought for $2.00

not bad right???   I could use it as the typical book stand for when I’m cooking to hold the book..

But it’s more useful for me as my charging station

now all my electronics are in one place without having them at different areas charging..  See… like I said, a no-brainer…

Have you had any luck with finding a $2.00 item and would like for me to post it.. let me know.. I’d love to hear about it.

8 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday #7

  1. What great ideas!!! I drove past two thrift stores on my way home early this morning from physical therapy. It was 8:00 in the morning, so the stores weren’t yet open. I did think about you and your $2 challenge, though! That “charging station” is a really neat idea!!!!!

  2. Charging station! That’s brilliant. Now I’m going to be keeping my eye out for one. I passed up a hot pink one (for $2!!) because I didn’t need it. Love this series. Keep it up!

    • Thank Michelle.. so glad to hear you say keep it going… ahhhh.. music to my ears :-)… cause I’m liking the challenge.. I think you might want to revisit the pink one 🙂 .. but if you come across a $2.00 find.. do share 🙂

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