$2.00 Tuesday #6

Well it’s that day of the week and so far so good… Your Vintage Girl is at it again.  My luck may be running thin on these items, but I managed to get something.  I re-visited the Goodwill (went back to check on the bean bag) and it was gone  🙁  oh well … but I came across this item.   Here I go… thinking .. hmmmmm…  maybe? maybe not? maybe?   Yes!   I’ll take it…  Here is what I brought home… I know you’re wondering what is it?   It’s a  wall vase… I clearly see why the owner got rid of it…pretty boring (well, unless you like black & silver together)..

The price….$2.50  —  that’ll work…   🙂

and I noticed something interesting.. it was made in the USA…. ok.. even better.. because I did’t think I’d ever see that tag


Well, time to give this a refreshingly new look…..Paint is the first thing to do… I already have some latex paint left over from this project..

Much better – starting to look a bit more eye friendly  –  at least for me it is…   Time to fill the vase..  Since I’m going to use it outside, I’ll make a winter white theme.   Mother nature is my resource for those items.  Oh, and I also wanted to add a little decoration to it.. my feeble attempt failed.. but I did like the little silvery hearts (thanks to  Cassie- my neighbor-  gave a bag of them) so I decided to keep those on it.   (I’ve never been too crafty – but one day I’ll work on those skills).   I went outside to get a few tree branches and sprayed them silver (to match the little tip) and added them..

needs more nature to it..  these will work just fine

and here’s the finished product for my Winter White Arrangement


I think I really like this little arrangement….What’s your take???   Keep in mind – not bad for $2.50 “giggles”.


7 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday #6

  1. Get OUTTA here!!!!!!!!! That takes real vision to buy something like that (boo!) and turn it into something like this (hooray!)!!! I’m not crafty by any stretch of the imagination, but I tell you this….I know good craft when I see it! Fantastic! I’m glad you decided to add a little more nature to it to fill it out. It looks totally professional and like it cost big bucks!!!

    • Hey ladies.. Thank you… I chuckle at the excitement you ladies have from my $2.00 deals.. I love the fact that you’re appreciating them.. (I was kind of worried that maybe people wouldn’t like what I find for $2.00). Feel free to steal any ideas you want.. All I ask is that you share them with me so I can excited too!!! Alycia…. I can’t get enough of perusing your website. Your tablescapes brighten my day..you are truly one blessed with a talent

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