Costco with a Cause

Today was a day spent at Costco with hubby.. while perusing the many isles of shoppers delights I came across this stand with these beautiful baskets.. OMG!  I had not seen them before.  So, naturally I begin looking at them.. I’m studying the many design patterns salivating over their beauty and wondering which one of these babies is coming home with me.  Then I happen to pay attention to the little card/tag on it and saw they were hand-crafted by women in Africa.  The cause.. ALL ACROSS AFRICA – helping to serve the poor and impoverished.


All Across Africa is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor and marginalized with economic opportunity through job creation and educational programs.  They  work with more than 3000 weavers on a regular basis. Each basket made and sold means food and medicine, education, community, and security for their weavers— and each basket means new life.  Read more about this vital organization here.   By now the Hubs is rolling his eyes, waiting patiently for me to make my choice…Here I am trying to read all the cards and decide which one .. I just said “go ahead”  I’ll catch up.. and his reply “nah, nah – you’ll be here forever”.. Oh boy – darnnit..    now you tell me.. how can I choose one so quickly when they’re all so beautiful.. take a look at some of these.. basket      basket1     basket2

Do you see what I see… decisions, decisions…    I mean look at those patterns and colors…

basket4 basket6       basket8

Oh my, my, my.. I just can’t make up my mind… by now I’m hearing “WILL YOU COME On!!!!” and then I say  Uggghhhh… “Will you wait!!” .  You know how we women are.. we have to think first .. ok…..where is it going to go, what room, the colors in that room and the size & shape.. what are you going to do with it.. .

baskets9 baskets10 baskets13

Is your head spinning like mine with excitement????  chuckles…

In addition to these beauties.. they also had jewelry – get this – made out of recycled magazine paper..


They also had handbags too!!


This was too much… ok,  now I’m realizing… I need to hurry up and make a decision..  

 This is the one that landed in my cart and came home

With this note from Jeanne:

I haven’t decided where or what I’m going to do with it.. but in the mean time, it’ll hang here reminding me that instead of shopping just “because” ……  I shopped with a “CAUSE”


So instead of me getting my 4 bags of brownie brittle and a few other goodies I normally get, I exchanged them for something more viable.. and knowing my purchase could help the Rwandans gives me a rewarding feeling.  If you’re not a Costco member, you can still make a purchase through their website.

Here are some of the pictures decorating using baskets from their website:


Are you just as excited as I am???  now – go get your basket  🙂

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10 thoughts on “Costco with a Cause

  1. It’s worth the cost of the brownie brittle, and it does your heart good, I’m sure! I don’t think I have seen these baskets at our local Costco, although I’m always in such a hurry to just get in, grab what I need, and get out of there that it would have been easy to miss them. They’re really pretty, and they could mix right in with just about any decor. Even though we don’t have a single purple or blue room in our home, I’m sure I would have grabbed up the purple or turquoise blue ones. Leave it to me to be weird! 😉

    You got a beautiful basket and you’re helping to educate a young man. Way to go! It’s 10:26 Kansas City time as I type this, so we have about an hour-and-a-half to go until midnight. Why I’m up here on the computer is beyond me! I need to get my hips downstairs and cuddle with my husband. He’s not feeling especially well tonight. We’re going to try to make it until the ball drop, but there are no guarantees…especially since we got up at 6:30 this morning! Have a very Happy New Year!!!!!

  2. Oh my wish I could get one of those pieces. Very beautiful and eclectic indeed. Maybe you can use the tag and do a decoupage vase with it and make it a profound message piece in your home. I love the one you chose. You have a beautiful home that has your heart written all over it. When I view it, it says I love you all over it with a heart to be you and no one else. I will be sharing with you soon. Definitely would like to get acquainted with you.

    Blessings my sister,


    • Awwww Shenine, your words are heartwarming.. Thank you again. Actually, if you visit the website you can order one.. They’re really beautiful.. If you should get one, please share your pic.. I would love to see it.. And most definitely I welcome the pleasure of getting to know you as well..May you have a blessed new year and I look forward to learning more about you and reading your blog.

  3. Wow, these are beautiful. I understand your difficulty in selecting which one. But you made a beautiful choice. And love the way you displayed it. The craftsmanship is awesome. Niiiiice.! Haven’t been to Costco in years. But when I go it will be by myself. LOL!

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