Tah-Tah 2013

2013 has been a very good year for me.  Of course I’m ending this year with one more great deal…My last deal of the year was bought at an estate sale conducted by Pieces of Time ( It’s something I’ve been wanting for quite some time and refused to buy one brand new because they’re so expensive .. well if you consider $100.00 is then you’re like me.  But here is my DEAL OF THE YEAR!!!!!

Isn’t this a cute cover?????  sooooo Vintage…. but this is what’s under it..

BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Can you tell  I’m screaming happy  🙂


It’s my creme de’la creme Deal…$20.00  that’s right.. $20.00

This baby is in perfect condition –  with two mixing bowls and a cover.. I’m just skipping – doing a happy dance HAPPY!! about this…

I even thought they’d be cheaper after the holiday but nope..A new one is priced at $99.00 with one glass bowl and no cover… smh… 


so it pays to be patient..

Looking back  at 2013 and see how it’s been a fantastic thrifty good year for me, it’s great to see how the $2.00 Tuesdays paid off and helped make a few good changes for less that $12.00 in my home  (you can click on each picture to read the story behind each item



So going into the new year I look forward to sharing more thrifty ideas with you to decorate your home.

I’d like to thank all my readers for following along with me on my Vintage journey and decorating stories.   Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy, blessed and thrifty new year!!

Love Your Vintage Girl!


6 thoughts on “Tah-Tah 2013

  1. Cheers!! Thanks Kim for all of your wonderful creative ideas BUT especially for encouraging me to start a blog! You are quite an inspiration. I have watched you and Amina grow thru the years with your creative talents and find myself SMH saying, “how do they do it”! I wish you a spiritually Happy, Happy new year, because if you soul is happy, that’s all that matters. Keep bringing us the goodies!!! Got to go….the wine is starting to kick in…:-) Cheers!!!

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