$2.00 Tuesday #8

Hey all!!!   If you’re just joining me.. I scored this week’s $2.00 item last week during my Goodwill Hunting.   It was the Martha Stewart wastebasket.  Yes, it had some bruises on it – but that’s ok.. it’s been transformed.. and I’m pleased with the finished product.  Remember it’s going in my office – so I wasn’t too meticulous about it.

Here’s the wastebasket before:           I know…  pretty bland.. right..(Martha Stewart huh???)


Well here’s your Vintage Girl’s version

Much better right!!!!   ( Please say yes, please say yes…    🙂    )

The teeny-tiny little bubbles occurred when I removed the tape..but again – it’s ok…  (besides they add texture )

Here it is inside my office…   It’s the perfect size…  and price   $2.00


It’s not Vintage – but it’s definitely Thrifty  –

I think even Martha would be pleased…  –

And as for the rest of the goodwill items.. here are some around the house..

Batteries added to the candles..  not bad for $2.50;  Pillows are washed and fluffed back up…$4.00


This pair of frames looks perfect with the print scarf draped across the wine cabinet

And my lovely ballerina niece looks adorable in this frame

Like I said.. it was a very good Goodwill Hunting  –  Well I’m off .. see you again real soon….

4 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday #8

  1. Nice!! Much better! I knew you would jazz up that wastebasket!! Pretty color combo too!! Love all that you did with your great finds! Hey… alright now… scarf draped across the wine cabinet…..love it! 🙂

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