4poster Box Bed

Well today I set out to finish up Ms.  Koko’s bedroom bed..  Thank God the weather was beautiful because I really wanted to get these projects done…. So here we go.. gathering up all the items needed.. (not that it was alot) and we’re headed outside..  Here’s the box we started with

KoKo  is nearby probably wondering what’s going on….

If she guessed a new bed…. SHE’S RIGHT!!

Remember this one will go in our bedroom so I’m have to make it match the room… (don’t want a sore thumb sticking out).. I painted the box and started thinking what else.. hmmm, tap,tap,tap, hmmmm ahhhha I got it!  When you have a yard full of these why not use a few..


So I got four and a couple of sticks to decorate the box with – first let’s do something with the color..  a touch of gold paint did the trick..I used the sticks to create the letter “K”


The box is all dry – now it’s time to decorate.. I added more bling to the box with the crystals I got previously and from Cassie…   I’m very pleased with her 4poster box bed    🙂

It matches the color of the chair it sits next to… “you can see that rags to riches story about the lovely chair here.”


But the real test is to see if KoKo approves… let’s go get her…  “Ooohh KoKo – come here girl..”

Yes!!!  I think she definitely likes it!!

I guess all this hard work has made her sleepy….. time for her nap

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