Goodwill Trip

I made a trip to the Goodwill again, feeling a bit discouraged because lately I hadn’t lucked up on anything.  I did find a hurricane and a square vase, so I picked them up.   They’ll come in handy one day.


Then I received the latest Pier 1 magazine in the mail and this caught my eye:

The hurricane vase.. see their price – $40.00 with 20% off (whoopdy-doo)  just hurricane wood base $32.00

The hurricane I lucked up on was $6.75 – so I decided to re-create the look for less using the hurricane vase I picked up at Goodwill and the $1.00 candle I bought the last time Goodwill Hunting.    I found a base I had lying around the house, and some stones from other plants and created the look.    So I re-dressed the table update.   My update cost –  a mere $7.75  (boo-yahhh!)

        I also added a simple little touch to the table

I definitely like the new look of this table.  So I feel confident to continue with project.

4 thoughts on “Goodwill Trip

  1. Isn’t it just uber cray-cray what they charge for stuff at some of these stores?!??!!! I love what they have, but I’m just not always willing to pay that kind of $$$. If I’m throwing those kinds of duckets around, it’s got to be something that just could not be replicated any way you put it. Thank goodness you have an eye for creating on a shoestring! Great job!!!! Keep the project rollin’, rollin’, rollin’! 🙂

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