A Freebie Update

Two weeks ago, I came across my favorite antique mall going out of business.  “Oh nooooooo!!”  That wasn’t good to hear.  A business for over 30 years – gone-  Ole Town Antiques- a major go-to place for the antiquer’s dream to shop.  Through the rubble of complete disarray – I found a step stool – pretty beat up.  I asked a gentleman walking by “how much is it” -he looked around at all the “stuff” and said “take it – it won’t be missed in all this mess”.. Ok cool..   I could use one for my office space.  I like to prop my feet up while I’m typing – helps with circulation.

Here is the freebie stepstool:


You see why he gave it away….

Here’s the after:

I really like the green/copper look…


How refreshing it looks… and it’s perfect for me to rest my feet on.    Another quick and simple update by your Thrifty Vintage Girl..  and my best advice is …. Always take advantage of a freebie  🙂

See you again real soon

3 thoughts on “A Freebie Update

  1. Gotta love a guy who just says, “Take it!” You don’t have to tell ME twice! 🙂 You did a great job of transforming it. Had the guy known what could be done with it, I’m sure he would have been a little less generous! 🙂

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