Who Needs A V-Card?

It was a snow day today so I figured I’d take advantage of this time to de-clutter my chest of papers and trash what needs to be.  As I emptied the chest, I came across a bag I had buried underneath the stack.  As I grabbed the envelopes and pulled out the letters all tucked inside, realizing what they were and my thoughts reflected back…  Oh how the years go by…. They were love letters my boyfriend/1st love – now husband wrote me while he was away in college and the military.  We wrote each other faithfully – back then long distance phone calls were expensive so we had to write.  I realize I’m the sentimental nut in the relationship because I know he can’t remember where the letters I wrote him are..  but that’s ok..


I guess you can tell he missed me..  Oh.. the wonderful days of Puppy Love..

Yes, the world says February 14th is Valentines Day- a day where many bouquets of roses will be bought, boxes of chocolate given and plenty of jewelry & cards exchanged – all to express how much you love your significant other- which are all wonderful expressions.  But after spending over 30 years with the same person, I realize the best gift is the gift of love.  Come July 11th we’ll be celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary but making 33 years total being together.

Our matrimony union was blessed with two wonderful sons that was the glue to bind us together.   (Sometimes children don’t realize the secret power they possess over their parents)

There were many a times I didn’t think we’d make it, but because of love we managed to pull through the storms to make it this long.

Vacations were considered a luxury, but contrary, they are a necessity for a family and a couple – to vacate from the norm, to let go of stress, to re-group your emotions and re-kindle the flame.

One year my sons gave me rings for Valentine’s Day.  They were little at the time – I thought it was just the cutest thing they ever did – them coming to me with their little boxes and smiles on their face anticipating my excitement of seeing their gift to me.  🙂 .   I still have the little plastic jewel tone rings tucked away in my vanity.  They probably don’t remember giving them to me, but I do and I’ll never throw them away.  They’re part of my cherished memories.


This Valentine year, who needs a Valentine card??? Not me –  I don’t need a card, flowers, chocolates or jewelry to know I’m loved… My husband and sons already have that covered.. because I know they love me just as much as I love them.


Oh how the years go by. All through the changes so many times we loved, we laughed, we cried.. As the years go by

The Wallace Family

The Wallace Family

May God bless you with more love – because the greatest gift is from the heart.

19 thoughts on “Who Needs A V-Card?

  1. So sweet! My hubs wrote me everyday when we were engaged and living across the country from each other! He was a hopeless romantic! Things have changed a little, now he texts me from his man cave when I’m upstairs! Ha ha, great memories you’ve shared!

    • Hey Jenna, chuckles..Thanks for reading – yea things are much more different..the texts I get is the age old question .. “What’s for dinner?” chuckles.. but it’s all good. Enjpy your lovers weekend

  2. Long-term love trumps one-day-a- year love anytime in my book, too! We celebrate when he doesn’t have a patient load as long as his arm…which is almost never! We will get to spend at least the Valentine’s weekend together which is also rare. We’re looking forward to it even though we’ll most likely be attending my uncle’s funeral (he passed last night) or preparing for it. Sad when you’re so desperate that a funeral counts as a date! 🙂

    I totally agree that children can be that all-important glue! You have two fine boys that you are raising, and I applaud you both. It’s not always easy to get through a marriage, but putting your faith into it as well as a little elbow grease = success!

    Those love letters are just the best! So sweet!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your husband. I wish you forever love.

    • Hey Alycia, first I have to say you have my condolences..Thanks for reading my story.. I actually loved the fact that you shared with me the Scandal marathon you and hubby had if could just get him to stay awake maybe he could catch up too and would be our weekend date – chuckles..)

  3. Aww Jamala, this is so sweet. And it’s so extra specially sweet that you have kept the letters and rings!! You are so right…Who needs Valentines day! Time goes by so fast, it’s nice to reflect on the past knowing it is the foundation for what you have today! How can it be 33 years and you look 29??? :-)…. Love it! Beautiful family.

  4. Yes, thank you for sharing. I wish you could have seen my face (or maybe not) while I was reading this. I had my chin in my hand and I had a smile on my face. Just realized I was doing that.

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