The Purple Heart

It’s hard to believe how time is flying – it’s already “Stupid Cupid” time and your Vintage Girl is just a “Fool in Love”.   I bet when you read the title you probably thought of a high military honor.  The Purple Heart I’m referring to is the valentine heart your thrifty girl created using scrap fabric, ribbon, tassel and vintage jewelry to create a scented hanging sachet.  Yes, I strayed away from the traditional red  (shoot me with a bow&arrow), but I have a passion for purple.  Velvet purple at that!

It’s so simple to create.   Cut out a pattern of a heart,  sew and leave a little opening to stuff with a mixture of scented crystals and pillow stuffing. When stitching sachet add ribbon hanger.   Attach jewelry using hot glue and hand stitch the tassel on.   Forgive me for not taking step-by-step photos,  (I know I should have) but it was so simple I just figured I’d type  them and show you the finished product.

This little darling not only looks lovely, but smells just as wonderful!   The hanger is a scrap piece of ribbon left over from other projects.

The vintage pendant (which is actually an earring) was hot glued on

The tassel was clipped from a long fringe and attached with a quick hand-stitch

See how welcoming lovely it looks hanging on the door waiting to greet your loved ones who holds the key to your heart as they enter.

Another simply creative idea made from ” LOVE”


Are you ready to make one for your “HEARTS” DESIRE?

8 thoughts on “The Purple Heart

  1. I love the idea of going rogue with purple! What a pretty little thing to dress up the front door or any door! Of course, even though it’s “simple” to make, I can’t do it. Not a crafting bone in my big ol’ body! And sewing is so far out of my wheelhouse it’s in another zip code!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. You know I love, love, love your purple heart! I like straying from the traditional red for valentines and have some purple velvet (crushed) fabric. Why didn’t I think to use it like this? Maybe next year! What a wonderful idea!

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