Kudos to Krogers

I paid a visit to Kroger’s supermarket and noticed their basket of manager’s special flowers and thought I’d buy a few to create an arrangement to brighten my day.. fresh flowers always says “it’s a beautiful day to be happy” to me.



I’m a novice at creating an arrangement but I tried my luck and was pleased.   I used a cheap vase I bought at that terrific yard sale last week for $0.75.  I liked it because it was on a pedestal – nothing fancy but what the heck..

It’s a  beautiful Saturday and it’s nice to have a lovely bouquet around the house … light some candles and let the day begin..  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

6 thoughts on “Kudos to Krogers

  1. What a deal; you must have gotten there a moment after those were put out. I’ve always said that my idea of having enough money is to be able to afford fresh flowers whenever desired. Which would be all the time, now that I think of it. I like the way you arranged them. It reminds me of the creative ways that flowers are arranged in the big hotels.

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