A Goodwill Week

This past week I had been lucky at Goodwill.  I just thought I’d share some of the things I came across.  You know I don’t need a blankety blank thang, but I’m actually addicted to the thrill of the hunt.. ( I need therapy – seriously) – someone please introduce me to Will Power… chuckles.

Well here we go with what I saw… This dusty little cooler bag was the perfect size for my son to take with him out fishing.  Judging by the dust on the outside, I knew it was going to be dirty inside…

But I was totally surprised  –  how wrong I was!  (and btw.. it was $2.75)

Then I came across these office chairs.. Yes they were a bit outdated, but nothing that some new fabric and spray paint can’t fix – the wheels work perfect (I scooted around for a test drive).  They were $2.75 each  (what a steal)

Up next – these chairs… I really dig the modern shape and yes, they were comfortable and sturdy.  The wood was in perfect condition.  Just update the fabric and they’d be a great pair of vintage inspired sitting chairs.  The best part – their bargain price $5.75 each

This slipper chair was just $4.87 (let’s ditch the outdated orange velvet fabric – blah- with some new up-to date fabric and you’ll have  fantastic slipper chair.  This also was a comfortable chair..the springs were in tact

I really wanted this two-seater sofa, but someone plucked the tag (beat me to the punch).  I just imagined a nice metallic paint and new fabric would make this a fabulous piece.  The price??  a mere $42.75

Lucked up with another macrame plant holder for $1.75 (I couldn’t leave this behind)

So you see why I enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  So I guess you’re wondering what I came home with..well..truth is… none of them (except the plant holder).  Will Power almost came to the rescure, but as I was walking out the door, I glanced over at the shoe section.. (WHY??? I’ll never know – I never-ever look at their shoes.. and I mean never)  but for some reason the shoes didn’t look “beat up”.  I spotted these sandals – never worn in mint condition.  I tried them on – perfect fit!  Hmmm… I really like them for my jeans.. so home they came…. and guess what.. they were $2.87 – LOL!!!  I had to smh and say “Kim (my alter ego) GO HOME”

So … you feel where I’m coming from…. I love the thrill of the hunt.  What about you??    Someone please tell me I’m not alone..LOL!


7 thoughts on “A Goodwill Week

  1. Those second office chairs I have one of those and we can not figure out how to take it apart. I also have a rounded wicker back one both came from a business that was going out of business. I want to reupholster them so bad simply because I do not think they would be hard to do. If I can only figure out how to get them apart. Your making me want to go to our goodwill and salvation army store this week I have not been in awhile..

  2. You crack me up with your pretty little feet! Good find on the sandals! Love that slipper chair! And I totally understand enjoying the hunt! Will Power went on vacation! So enjoy your Goodwill Hunting! 🙂

    • Lol.. Ginene , believe me… I really, really, really want to.. But I honestly don’t have a need … The French chair would have come home with me, but someone got it before I could get it..

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