Introducing Peggy


Hey Yall! (in my southern slang) remember I told you I would introduce you to Peggy Brickles, the local artist who did the fantastic artistry on my headboards.  Well today is that day.  Peggy is a sweet lady who developed her love of art by working with her daughter.  She’s been doing this  for about 5 years and simply enjoys her pasttime of dabbling in paint.  She has a boutique located on Church Street in the charming, small town of Whitmire, SC to showcase her designs.   I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Peggy and also take pictures of her fabulous work to expose to all my viewers.  So, sit back relax and enjoy the tour of her shop.

These are the lovely Palmetto tree glasses that caught my eye at the auction.  They are part of a service set for 8 with matching plates, water goblets, cups and saucers.    I really like the Palmetto tree “Welcome” sign painted on ceramic tile..


She also had a simple serving of pansies in grass painted on the wine glasses with matching plates

This technique of the black and white candle holders were painted using rubber bands (how nifty of an idea was that!)


This is window display with small glasses of spring flowers painted on them (gets me ready for that summer garden party).  She even painted the lampshade

If your serving drinks on the deck, southern iced tea would taste so refreshing in these purple palmetto  tree glasses.

Here’s another lovely spring painting done on slate  (and she’ll even paint your family name -or whatever wording you prefer- on it)

Featured here is another painted design she created

The darling flower pots are perfect for the mother-daughter gardeners

Or if you like to have kitchen signs to showcase your love of the “Java”.. she painted these palette pleasers to display in your kitchen..


Or if roosters are your thang for that country kitchen.. check out this cool cock that she painted..  (I love it!)

along with all these other country kitchen items to complete your kitchen decor… oh and a nice little laundry sign to hang by the washer & dryer..(gotta do laundry)

And those who have a man cave – she’s got your rules written down in black & white..chuckles..

For the bird lovers, here’s some beautifully painted birdhouse

This desk and chair were saved from the dumpster and she restored and painted her paisley funky design that attracts the colorful eye.

and for the pastel lovers (like me) – I just adore how she painted the block pattern on these wooden chairs


Now, that you’ve seen all the wonderful designs created by Peggy, I have to show the lady with the smile who would greet you the warmest welcome when you come into her shop

or you can contact by email or phone if you see something you’d like to order

It’s a wonderful world and I love to see it through the designs painted by artists.  Supporting local artist and local talent is the core of what keeps America the beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Peggy

  1. What a mega-talent this lady has!!! There has got to be a boatload of patience involved in painting like this, and I’m glad SOMEONE in this world has it…because I sure don’t! I love that painting on the slab of slate! Really cool! And it’s really neat how she painted that desk and chair! A dumpster find? Wow!!!!

    I would have those painted chairs in my kitchen in a heartbeat if there wasn’t a man around here!!! I think he would rather strenuously object to the sweetness and light of it all. Heck, I can barely get him to acquiesce to the yellow in the dining room!!!

    Hats off to Miss Peggy and her wonderful talent!

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