Make Me Over Monday -Part 4

Hello there!! I hope all is well with everyone…I’ve had a productive week and got quite a bit accomplished.  I’m in the midst of preparing for our town’s big 49-mile yard sale.. I hope the weather holds up because it’s going to be a lot to shop for.   So, if you’re interested.. by all means come pay us a visit.   Well, I have a fantastic makeover to show you today..I really like how it turned out..   I’ve had this bistro set for about 14 years.  I was going to sell it at the yard sale but decided not to – glad I didn’t.   Here is the table.. before

The chairs are equally bad.   The bad weather mixed with birds took its toll on them. The set is vintage wrought iron.  I adore scrolled wrought iron.. that’s what attracted me to the set.


I decide to paint the set and give it a whole new look.  I could’t make up my mind as to what color to paint so..I chose a two-tone color.

I was going to attempt to do the cushions myself, but I realize my short comings  and a seamstress – I am not- so I recruited my dear friend Sylvia, of  S&A Alterations, who happens to be the local seamstress.   She saw the fabric I chose and was excited about my selection.  She got right to working on them and by the end of the week she was calling to say she was finished.  She delivered them (talk about fantastic service ) and we both were excited how they came out.  All though she refused to take a picture.. I talked her into it.. Thank you Sylvia!!!   🙂    You’re the best!!

Got the cushions all screwed in and here is the finished new look!!  Get ready to get excited…    🙂   I think you’e going to like it..  as for me… I LOVE IT!!!


So you see why I chose two-tone paint for the chairs…


I’m sooooooo glad I chose to keep it..

So… what’cha think????    Holla at your Thrifty Gal – If you like it, let me know it – clap your hands !!!  “CLAP, CLAP”



9 thoughts on “Make Me Over Monday -Part 4

  1. I know you are so glad you kept the set. All it needed was a little TLC and you gave it a great new look. Your friend did a beautiful job on the cushions. The fabric coordinates perfectly.

  2. I’m clappin’ like there’s a room without a roof!!! 🙂 Wow… what a wonderful transformation!!! I’m getting inspired. I just hate to paint!!! Come do it FOR ME!!!!! I don’t wanna do it myself!!! It’s such a chore. It’s so messy. It takes so long!!!!! I just HATE IT!!! So, you’re going to come do it for me, right? 😉

    You were 1000% right to keep and refurbish this set, and hats off to Miss Sylvia! That chick can really get the job done! I can’t sew a stitch, so I’m always in praise of those who can!

  3. Looks sooooo nice. Refreshing!!!!!!! Just in time for summer. Kudos to your good eye and to Sylvia!!! I’m very partial to seamstresses, as you know. Great job. Wish I could be there for that yard sale. I know you will have a fun time!

  4. Wow this looks amazing. Great Job. I love adding bright colors in the yard. It adds some pop to those spots than need some pop. The plastic yard chairs are also great to paint using the Fusion brand plastic paint.

  5. I was just looking at that set again and saw the pad feet. I think that is the kind that my friend said is the good stuff. I think all the wrought iron he has for sale had feet like that. My set does not have those feet.

  6. I’m so glad you kept the set, too. The style is charming and I don’t think you could find anything that whimsical again. I have a friend who specializes in vintage wrought iron furniture. I’ve come to admire all the different designs and how sturdy it remains year after year.
    The two tone is a completely new and wonderful idea, I think. That, for me, adds additional charm. Will you set it in the sun, shade or inside your peaceful, screened in chill-out space? I have a friend that I hire to do upholstery for me, also. But getting him to do the piping is like pulling teeth. And the piping is what makes it look professionally finished. She did a gorgeous job. Sylvia is pretty and in good shape…she should love to have her picture taken!

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