Summer Breeze

Hey there!  Today was an extremely “stay off my feet day” and do little as possible. The 49-mile two day yard sale we had was a great success and everyone looks forward to next year.   My twin sister, sister-n-law, and aunt came down for the for event and we had a wonderful time.. busy, but wonderful.  I’ll post pictures of some of the items we had for sell.   After everyone left,  as I sat back, kicked my feet up to relax in my “Rest Haven” I conjured up the desire to share my down time with you.  It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect and made me think of the Isley Brothers -Summer Breeze when the sweet smell of jasmine passed through my senses as the wind blew gentle breezes to break the heat.  I thought back how my pallet project was well worth the sweat that day.  The summer chill-out spot went through a slight re-do.   Last year’s rainy weather made me realize I need to lift my set off the ground.  I searched for inspiration pictures and found this:

Of course having this type of flooring requires professional installation.. so I used the thrifty way to accomplish my look..  Pallets!! Free Pallets!! at that.   I laid them to fit the space, purchased a few luan boards and nailed them down to create a flat surface.

Got the boards hammered down and began to re-decorate the area.  It’s time to take a tour of my “She Rest Haven” … sit back , relax and enjoy it with me, while imagining the sweet smell of jasmine in your mind.

I found decorative  hanging tealight holders at Ross for $6.99 and they add a special bohemian touch to the space.

I painted the Rest Haven sign because I realized it just wasn’t feminine enough for me –  see it here.

Did a bit of re-arranging of the furniture

The palm tree plant gives it a more tropical feel.  The glass hurricane was a Goodwill find for $6.50 and the rose balls, I had for years, added the right pink palette touch to the table.


I used the last bit of seashells from the yard sale find to create my seashell “K”

Using scrap fabric to make accent pillows kept last year’s re-do very cost effective

I love mixing animal print with flowers

The bar cart is getting ready for drinks

The candle holder – a forgotten item packed away-was going to be sold at the yard sale.   I’m so glad I decided to keep it..  I wanted $8.00.. The person offered me $5.00 – I said for $5.00 I’ll keep it.. – so .. I kept it.. found my animal print candles for it and voila … love it..


A warm sunlight glow is always perfect



Ahhhhhh…….. do you feel the relaxation here????

The $0.50 painted wine glasses will be used to serve drinks outdoors

The raised floor really makes the space feel more like an outdoor room.  Just a few more touches to the surrounding area and this baby will be finished and ready for the Chillaxing to begin!

Thank you for tuning in to join me with my summer breeze – I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to your summer breeze moments..  See you soon   🙂

Peace…  Love… and Bright Moments …

11 thoughts on “Summer Breeze

  1. SERIOUSLY creative! The pallets were a great idea! Very cost-effective way to get there! I wish I could do something like this here. Our HOA has very, very, VERY strict rules about what kinds of structures can be erected. In fact, NO structures can be erected. No out buildings of any sort. Not even playhouses! As I said…VERY strict! But I’m glad you can enjoy yours. It’s a beaut! It has all the hallmarks of relaxation and freedom from being indoors where you’re thinking you actually have to DO something!

    Glad to hear your sale was such a success!

  2. That candlestick holder!!! For $8.00 I wouldn’t have given you a chance to second guess! Great Keep! When you find the perfect hanging string of pearls, I think it would be a nice addition to your “She Rest Haven”!

  3. I really love the ruched pillow-that is an awesome and elegant touch. As I was just going outside to take the top boards off of a pallet, this post gave me an idea of how I can use the pallet to extend the floor for the outside enclosure I am making so my kitty cat can go outside. I’m not giving her any beautiful candle holders though! You have created a really lovely rest haven in your gardens. Very nice! On my next blog post, I am going to show a 2.00 thrift store find and I hope it is ok if I link your Tuesday 2.00 find post to my find. When I found my item, I immediately thought of your Tuesday features. Hope you have a great week.

  4. Congrats on the yard sale! Looks like your Chillaxing is ready to me, this it’s great! Great idea to raise it off the ground! Love your “K” initial and candle holder!! Great job as always!!

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