$2.00 Tuesday – What A Difference

I’m running a bit behind on a few posts, but, remember a few weeks back I had the house powerwashed?  I want to show you the before picture of my side porch.

I know.. YUCKKKKK!!!  See the big discoloration and dirty gray???

This is after the powerwash…  This is a big difference.. I still need to paint the steps… but that’s another project.. at least the porch looks cleaner and brighter.


I’m glad we had that done.. At least now I can continue to spruce up the side porch.  Remember the vintage rattan chair I picked up for $10.00 last year..( I know..I waited longer than I wanted to change that hideous fabric), this chair was a steal!  The average price of these suckers are about $199.99 (see here)I love the shape and look of it.


Since the porch is all clean, it’s time I update her look.  The cushion was recovered with an inexpensive outdoor fabric ($6.00).  A trip to Goodwill paid off because I snagged two pillows for $2.00 ea.  Washed the dust off and this is the new corner area for my side porch.

The Franco Albini rattan ottoman (circa 1950 was gifted to me) is the perfect match for this chair.


After digging deep it the basket barrels at Goodwill, I couldn’t believe I found these – in perfect condition- and they match!



Scrap fabric from the cushions here was used to make the ties for the seat cover



The corner now has a modern, yet, vintage charm – and I love it 🙂


This week – I hope to choose the right color to paint the swing and this side porch will be completed. Yayyyyy!!!


5 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday – What A Difference

  1. Don’t I wish!!! Those pillows were a great find!!! And that chair…just $10??!?!?! You scored BIG time on that! Somebody just had no idea what they were giving away on that one!

    I think it’s cool that you have a side porch. We have no porch to speak of in the front or on the side. Just the deck in back. It sure would be nice to have a more spacious porch in front to do something like this. It’s very pretty the way you have it set up. Power washing it made a tremendous difference!!! I didn’t know that’s what power washing could do! I think I’ll have to look into that for our little stoop by the back garage door to make it look a little lighter, brighter and better!

    I bow to you, oh, Queen of Thrifting!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Kim, What good quality furniture! Very nice! You have a knack for making inviting spots outside to read, wait for someone to arrive, or have a quiet cup of morning coffee. The colors are beautiful together…just so crisp, fresh and appealing.

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