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Hello there!  I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving and spending time with your loved ones.  My frenzy 4-day whirlwind came and went so fast and as much moving around I did- I had hoped I lost the 5 pounds I gained from the turkey day dinner- again – there goes that wishful thinking  …..  l0l.   I really miss my weekly posts and connecting with you guys – so now I can get back to all that fun and thank you for not forgetting me.

Friday was the official countdown and we hustled and bustled to organize, tag, hanging and straightening.  The front of the boutique looks quite pretty now (especially with my beautiful niece, Nadiyah, in front).  We also started the #ShopSmall campaign.

I’d like to share the grand opening and pictures of the shop.  The weather was perfect for the ribbon cutting and we had quite a few people join us with smiles and excitement about the shop.  

Our town mayor, Billy Hollingsworth, along with councilwoman, Cassie Fowler gave me the warmest welcome and thanked me for bringing my business to Whitmire.  I’m very happy to be a member of the Economic Development Board and to be able to work with some really nice people.

After cutting the ribbon, the onlookers were welcomed in to browse, shop, and partake in light refreshments.

We had a free raffle for a chance to win this custom framed artwork by HoeMama, a South Carolina artist who mixes art and mother nature to create some beautiful paintings.  You can view more of his works here.

As part of our effort in supporting local businesses and other entrepreneurs, we are carrying a line of homemade hand scrubs by ASG Handmade Designs.  These are made by a young lady, Jovana Castro, whom I truly admire for her creativity.  Her scrubs are absolutely wonderful and leave your hands feeling soft and smooth.  Not only does she create hand scrub, but she also makes greeting cards as well, which we will carry.  These nicely decorated jars are from her Pomegranate collection and they sell for $10.00ea.  If you’d like to order, please contact me.

Here is a sample of her greeting cards.  You can visit here to see more of her handcrafted beautiful cards.

We are pleased to be selling her products in Pieces of Time and wish her much success with her line of creations.

All in all, it was a fantastic day and I even was interviewed by our county newspaper (how exciting that was!)  Here are a few pictures of items around the shop, some of which sold that day (yipppeeee) – I’m glad I caught these pictures..


Of course I’ll be moving things around, adding pieces, putting more items around, but that’s the fun part – re-redecorating..  🙂

In all the excitement, I’m so glad we were able to snag a photo us..(I just love this her)

As we closed for the day, we reflected back and was pleased with the outcome

Then to my surprise on Monday, looky here!!   We made the front page of the paper!!

That put another smile on my face.. 🙂    You can read the article here.  I’m thanking you again for all your well wishes and encouragement and I look forward to sharing more moments in Pieces of Time with you.

Now,  I can finally get busy on another makeover… I have a table in mind that needs a new look.. wish me luck on this project, and of course.. you’ll be the first to see.  Take care everyone.. and I’ll see you soon.  Peace and blessings to you.. Smooches!!





19 thoughts on “Pieces of Time

  1. Jamala, this is so awesome. Congratulations!!! Such a blessing seeing your dream come to life. Wishing you many, many sales and a successful business.

  2. Congrats on the store opening. You definitely deserve all the happiness and joy there is in life. I may not know you personally, but by reading this blog it definitely sounds like you deserve the opportunities coming your way. I’m sure the store will be successful.

    • Thank you Auntie “L”.. I’m convinced it’s in our blood from granddad on down. Your words of encouragement really mean alot and having you as a role model and cheering us on is truly blessing. I look forward to you visiting and seeing the shop as well..xoxo

  3. Congratulations girl. I’m very happy for you. I know your business will be successful. It’s great that you’re doing something to better your town. I really admire all your great work and how you can turn something “useless” into an awesome piece of art. Keep it up!!!

  4. You are ON YOUR WAY, girl!!! I am so happy for you!!! It looks like you had a wonderful turnout for the grand opening, and to make the FRONT PAGE OF THE PAPER…that’s really something!!! I like how you describe what you do as “recycling America.” That buzz word will resonate with a lot of responsible, creative-minded people.

    You are going to be one busy bee in the months and years to come! Congratulations to you and Amina for following your Dad’s advice and taking that great leap!

  5. Kim, all your hard work and passion went into the grand opening and it showed. Although we didn’t make a million, it was a million -dollar day! I’m glad I was there to share in the big day! I love you sis!

  6. Kim, that was a great article. It was huge! You should get traffic from that for a year. I think the shop looks so interesting and it is where I would go first if I lived near you. I like the way everything is displayed and I know this is going to be big. I think you got into the right town and the right time. Congratulations, dear Kim. I’m so excited for you!

    • Hey Ginene! Thanks lady, yea, my fingers are crossed.. we live in a small town so it’s going to be a bit tough, but we’re in it for the long haul. It’s like I wish you could come here and visit and then I’d come to your place and visit, but since we can’t (at this moment) it’s wonderful to be share it our lives via cyberspace.

      • Kim, when I read that the street had three other shops and the town is supporting you all, I was thinking if the other shops are “creative” and the rents are low, more shops will open and the town will gather a following. I’ve seen that happen, if fact, it was like that here once. One man opened four antique shops in this tiny town and it grew to 22 shops. Now, after 30 years it is back to four antique shops because the rents got too high. The other three antique shops have been in business for 40 years. The only reason I can keep it going is because I live in the building. Anyway, I am so hoping that you are in a town where something exciting could happen. One way or another, something exciting will happen because you are there!

      • Ginene.. you’re the bestest 🙂 Our little town is trying to make a comeback. It use to be a thriving town but when the mill closed it went deserted. Things are starting to come around, and slowly but surely life is begin to breathe again.

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