A Few of My Favorite Things

As we countdown for the holiday festivities to begin, everything begins to feel like its crunch time – such as, making sure the house is clean, gifts are wrapped, fridge is stocked and the barcart is set for guests to arrive .  Now that the grand opening is over, I stopped stressing and can now digress, relax, do a couple of makeovers and … oh yea.. bring in the New Year.  Your thrifty girl has been busy catching up with emails, blog hopping (which I looooove) and planning more make-overs.   But before the year is over, I just want to share with you a few of my favorite things..  Through my blog-world I’ve met so many inspiring women who continue to amaze me with their extraordinary talents and it’s such a pleasure to be amongst their cyber/company.  I hope you follow along with me to visit these wonderful women and see a part of their world that they so graciously open their doors to share with us.

Linda over at LindaG Loving Home  is by far one of the best seamstresses I’ve ever met in my life and her exceptional designs mixed with impeccable taste demonstrates how to sew beautiful custom accents for your home.  Her blog is all about creating that special touch and loving your home.  Look at this beautiful quilt she made and used it as a table cover. It’s just one of many stunning designs she created.  For a burst of inspiration, hop over to her blog and get ready to be inspired.

I’ve always admired a beautifully set table, but Alycia over at Tablescapes at Table 21,  is a woman who surpasses the description of beauty. The first time I ventured on her blog, I think I spent at least 8 hrs just oooing and ahhhing over each and every design she created.  Her bubbly personality, mixed with a keen eye for details and descriptions while creating the perfectly well-dressed table is definitely one to follow.  As I told her, as soon as I hit it big- I’m flying her in to design the big bash party..(this girl can dream big can’t I…but hey..you never know)..

Next, there’s Ginene over at Fox and Finch Antiques.  Ginene is my kindred shop mate.  She and I share the same love of all things beautiful and vintage.  She has been such an inspiration by maintaining her lovely shop, while also painting beautiful pieces she restored for shop merchandise.  From reading stories about her walks through her neighborhood to offering tips on cleaning vintage clothing, her blog is one that I love to read.  (isn’t this bed the absolute gorgeous!!)

I recently became acquainted with Ariene over at Dress My Room Interiors through Instagram.   I love her fab-glam style. She is definitely on point with her perfectly blended style of high fashion glam mixed with a bit of vintage.

Not only is she hitting Charlotte’s retail scene with her high style and fab interior designs, but she and co-founder Quintel Gwinn just recently launched The Olive Guide.  This is the best Go-To online guide for entertaining with style while also offering great tips on home-styling by showcasing other interior designers. If you like to entertain, whether it be large or small, visit the The Olive Guide for great inspiration.

So in closing, I hope I’ve given you a bit of inspiration and I especially hope you’ve enjoyed meeting these fantastic women as much as I have.   Peace and blessings —

4 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. I am absolutely swooning over these photos. I am loving the crystal on the dining table. It’s definitely modern and chic. I’m also loving the chalk board on the mantel. I’ve seen chalkboard designs but this one is simply gorg. You have definitely inspired me today.

  2. My dear friend, with all you are doing, you made the time to give a shout out to us! I needed this and I was so surprised to see my name and my bed. I am getting lots of comments about the bed. Because it is a double, it will probably go to a guest room or a teenager. A young woman was looking at it today but she didn’t think it would fit in her small room. Good sales in the shop this week and I am pleased…everyone is in such a good mood! Thank you, Kim!

  3. Well butter my head and call me a biscuit! Thank you!!! That is so sweet! What a wonderful way to start my weekend!!! You are most kind, and you know the feeling is more than mutual. I so appreciate your long-distance friendship and look forward to the day we can meet and get those long-awaited hugs!!!

    I concur with your sentiments re: Ginene and Linda. They have abundant talents, and both are sweet as sugar. I’ve not yet met Ariene, but I will make it a point to do so!

    My goodness…I think I’m going to cry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  4. You are a sweetie! Sharing is what life is all about. How nice of you to give a shout out to those who inspire you, I am honored to be one of them. But I must say “you and Amina” inspire me 100%! Keep doing what you do, never stop. I must get over and visit the other ladies I have not blog met. I have so many favorites, to name one it’s a whirlwind…where would I start. Thank sweetie. Have a wonderful week-end.

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