Lovely Lavender

Although it’s not Pantone’s color of the year, I’ll say that Lavender remains one of those soothing colors that makes any year a good color for me.  With hues that reminds me of the aromatic scent of wisteria, it simply entices the eyes and create a relaxing effect.  Through its gentleness – it packs a powerful statement in a room.  The softness makes it versatile and blends with almost any color.  When my mom asked me to help her decorate her living room, that was the color that immediately came to mind.  It simply reminds me of her personality.  My mom is a gentle woman who doesn’t speak in high tones but her volume speaks through her softness.  This post showcases her lovely, lavender living room, designed on a dime…featuring vintage re-styled furniture.  Welcome to Mommy’s house…

The furniture pieces are vintage french provincial items that have been loving restored.   All of which came from yard sales, thrift stores and roadside finds. The pair of chairs were purchased from a moving sale for $40.00.  I had them re-upholstered with this lovely lavender damask fabric.

The upholsterer did an absolutely a fantastic job making them new again.  Completely tufted and well cushioned, these chairs are so comfortable.

Her sofa, purchased at the same moving sale for $50.00, was upholstered in an ultra-suede deep plum. This sofa was a true bargain (the cushion is 100% goose down feather stuffed)  and completely comfortable.

With catching fabric on sale, buying the furniture and paying the upholsterer, her set was under $500.00.  The frame for this artwork was a flea market find for $25.00.  The lithograph by artist Ellen Powell-Tiberino, was professionally matted.

The ottoman – another yard sale find for $5.00 – reupholstered using leftover fabric from another job was an added bonus with the complete set.

Her coffee table – found as is – on the street…(it was great night of bulk day hunting treasures) $0.00

It was a miracle finding all these pieces (made of fruitwood) in such great shape but at different times.  You know my motto – Patience is a virtue..  eventually it’ll turn up..

The space is accented with vintage crystal candy dishes, thrifted candle holders and other thrifty finds to create the finished look.

Visiting mom is always a joy, and her living room gives everyone a welcome feeling.  Her heart is just as sweet as the candy she keeps the candy dishes  🙂 .   Since I welcomed you into her home, I’d like to introduce you to my Mom… (picture taken 2 years ago when we celebrated her 75th birthday and I love this picture- she was so surprised)

By looking at her, do you think her living room reflects her style….   🙂





20 thoughts on “Lovely Lavender

    • Hi Kay! Thanks a bunch! I appreciate your compliments very much.. Putting her space together was pretty fun.. It was soooo hard to convince her to pull that carpet up and expose the beautiful floors.. But now she’s glad we did… Because the room looks wonderful..

  1. Absolutely the best living room ever. There isn’t one thing in this room that I wouldn’t love having myself. I can see how high-end every piece of upholstered furniture is and the color and fabrics used to reupholstered are stunning. I really mean it. If I was in that room, it would catch my breath. Lilac damask…oh my gosh. I am certain this room could be featured in a magazine. Your pretty mother would be an asset to the article. (My upholster charges, and he is low-priced, 350.00 for one chair and that is not including fabric. And, he will not do tufting!) This is so gorgeous. I really think you should enter this room in a contest.

    • Awwww.. thanks Ginene.. I truly appreciate your compliment..I wish I could enter the room..hmmmm..great thought. Every time I visit her, it’s one of the rooms that smiles back at you when you pass it.. Having a great upholsterer around is sooooo important.. and my guy is absolutely fantastic.. I hope I can become at least half as good as him.. He was quite generous with mom’s pieces.. since he’s done so much for us, and since she’s retired (he’s soft on the retiree’s ) he cut a great deal.. which we were most appreciative.

  2. Lovely Lavender is the perfect name to describe this room. The chairs and sofa are gorgeous. And the Art above the mantel was made for this room. Timeless. I know your Mom is proud. Beautiful family picture. All three of you have the exact happy contagious smile! Lovely post.

    • Awwww… Thanks Linda.. Yea, mom definitely loves the look of the room.. Believe it or not.. that picture was the inspiration behind creating the color scheme of the room…glad you noticed.. chuckles..

  3. What a lovely room! And my favorite color family. I discovered repurposing a couple of decades ago and have been hooked ever since. Haven’t taken the reupholstery plunge yet; but your blog may encourage me to do so. Thank you for sharing your mom’s home and your family photo. And yes — you nailed her style.

    • Awwww thank you palmergirl 🙂 Re-purposing can be very addictive – in a good way of course. So welcome to the club of “addiction”. By all means try the plunge at’s quite interesting. And thanks for the compliment about Mom’s place.. I’ll share it with her.

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