All Apart

Hi everyone!  The first session of my new venture consisted of taking the chair apart.  I have to admit, that was pretty interesting.  First we marked the chair’s fabric for where each piece goes,because once we take it apart, that becomes the pattern.

Taking it apart was not an easy task.   It was all tacked together.  Not one staple was in this chair.  You can imagine the million tacks we pulled out.

blue chair12

Lot’s of tugging and pulling to get the seams apart, while preserving the cloth.

Those hole pluggers were some tough cookies to get out..

Almost finished… I always wondered what kept the buttons tucked in.  Well – here was my answer.

Tacks, tacks and more tacks…..

All apart.. and this is what we are looking at… Ready to cover him up…

The frame goes home with me to sand and refinish…

So goodbye to the old Don look…..

I’ll keep you posted on the next step… Thanks for following me on this re-upholstery journey.


5 thoughts on “All Apart

  1. Whole pluggers are usually a pain in the behind to get out lol. But you did a superb job. And I can’t wait to see what the frame looks like sanded down and refinished. I just know you will do an excellent job on this

    • Yes Kay,, they were very stubborn.. but he kept plugging away and finally got them out.. (I just watched and snapped pictures..chuckles..) I’m going to start sanding this weekend. I’m considering painting … but we’ll see…

  2. Hi, I just wanted to mention that you could use a spade bit next time to drill out those wooden fill-in plugs. Luckily those kinds of plugs aren’t in that many styles of chairs…they are too hard to take out with a screwdriver. I’ve tried that, too!

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