Where “Satchmo” Lives

I have to admit I’ve been in a slump these days – well not a real slump – but just pretty much taking my time, not being rushed or putting myself on time frames.  I’ve been watching The Ken Burns Jazz Series. It’s featured on Netflix and if you get the chance to watch it – I highly recommend it.  As I watched, I reflected back when I had the opportunity to tour the home of Louis Armstrong.  The excitement mixed with anticipation made me feel like “gitty-little” girl waiting to open a present.  I was just completely overwhelmed with joy as we rode to Corona,Queens, NY.  Louis Armstrong was my first introduction to Jazz and I love his music and here I am.. en route to his home.  We pulled up to the two story brick frame and I felt a tingling sensation all the while thinking – “WOW” – (hindsight is 20/20 – I wish I had started my blog back then.. I’d have pictures galore to show you..)  But since I didn’t,  I’m sharing some pictures I pulled from various websites to give you a glimpse of what I saw.

This is Louis Armstrong’s humble abode;

The living room was so finely decorated with embossed wallpaper and trinkets purchased from all over the world where he traveled (I love the artwork!!)

The kitchen equally beautiful, was state of the art for that time period.  I fell in love with the blue enamel kitchen

Take a look at this stunning bathroom.  The ceiling and walls were all mirrored and graced with solid brass fixtures and marble tiles.  This bath was befitting for the king of jazz and one of Louis’s favorite rooms.

The office is where Louis comes alive.  As you enter you’ll hear a recording of his voice in the air.. having conversations.  It was almost as if he was there.  The door you see here leads to the balcony where Louis would go out and serenade the neighborhood… (could you  imagine how awesome that must have been!!) 

The master bedroom, simply exquisite and tastefully decorated with embossed wallpaper and matching blinds

The master bedroom closet was very spacious and uniquely designed.

And this is the adjoining master bath

The garage was converted into a museum and gift shop where you’ll find all his clippings, albums, writings, and Louis’s collectibles.

The King’s prized trumpet rests in it’s case.

Now they offer summer jazz concerts inside his Japenese inspired garden

I never had the opportunity to see him play live in concert, but after taking this tour, I felt that I had connected with the man who revolutionized the beautiful music of “Jazz”.  Leaving the home with eyes moist of joy, my soul had been satisfied.

I hope you enjoyed the quick tour of the lovely home Lucille created for her and Louis.  With the joys, laughter and wonderful music, this is the place where they lived until death did they part.

If you ever have the chance to visit New York, by all means, head over to Corona and take the tour because there’s so much more to see.   You can read more about the house on the museum’s website here and booking a tour here.  Louis Armstrong may be gone, but he’ll never be forgotten.  His legacy of wonderful music was an inspiration to many and will always live.

“He inspired thousands of trumpets, inspired countless vocations, enchanted millions of friends, who quite simply, listend.  For me, he’s the epitome of the kind of American who goes beyond the rules, a truly good and original man”  – Duke Ellington

5 thoughts on “Where “Satchmo” Lives

  1. Hi Kim,
    This was a tour I really enjoyed. As a fan, I was transfixed to see his home and garden. It is such a time-capsule of the age. That kitchen is beautiful and the garden! Every room was elegant, yet graceful. I could move into a house with that living room and office. Being in the same room with his trumpet must have been awe-inspiring. Wow.

  2. To land on this particular post was delightful. I love his music. I remember living in the Domincan Republic as a child and having my dad play his music and as he will say “eso es musica!” (That’s what I call music) Since then, it became one of my old time favorites. Now as far as his house, I am in love. Everything is so well decorated and for what I can see they had great taste. Thank you for this opportunity and it will be on my agenda next time we visit NY

  3. Nice Post! What a wonderful experience to tour his home. Something you will never forget. Love the mirrored walls…always a favorite. Feeling slump..ish….me too….I blame it on the weather. It’s slowing us down a bit. Well, let’s just say, it’s nature’s way of getting us rejuvenated. :-)! Love your post!

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