$2.00 Tuesday

Hey Lovies… It has been a looooong time since I’ve posted a $2.00 Tuesday.  I haven’t had much luck finding anything worth posting about.  But low and behold…I found something.  Now bare with me on this, it’s not a DIY or a makeover, but simply a great find that I was very happy about.  If you’re like me.. you get a hold of some comfy slippers and you dog them till they’re falling apart.. Well I’ve had that pair.. I kept saying.. Kim..get rid of them and get a new pair.. They weren’t special slippers, but I just wore them in so well and simply didn’t let go.

I know, I know.. pretty bad… give them up right.. LOL!! (please don’t think bad of me)…

Then, I went looking for slippers and was sticker shocked.. Like Charlie Brown says…”Good grief ” 🙁 – look here.. The price had gone up.. so.. back to my trusty comfy  I went..

This past weekend, there was a yard sale in town and I ventured in to see what I’d find.. and guess what!!

Yes.. Slippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yayyyyyyyy!!!  Not just one pair.. but 2 pairs..double Yayyyyyyyy!! See the price..so that’s $1.00 x 2 =$2.00..LOL… I couldn’t ask for better luck..  Two pairs of never-used vintage embroidered slippers.

And —– MY SIZE!!!!!

I couldn’t wait to get them home and try them on…..

Ahhhhh…… perfect fit    🙂

I’m totally satisfied!! –  and the old pair..is finally put out of their misery… LOL.. may they R.I.P..



9 thoughts on “$2.00 Tuesday

  1. OMG!!! …I have been looking for slippers for the past week. My thoughts exactly. These are too cute! Fits you perfectly. 🙂 Seriously Kim, you must have this supernatural power to make things miraculous fall into your hands! “Think, speak and it shall be given”… :-). What can I say maybe some will rub off on me.

  2. I’m sick I got new one after Christmas(isotoner) for $14.95. Oh well you have the eye for deals. they are pretty……. hey remember we wear the same size..LOl

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