Cute Little Cabby

It’s a ThrowBackThursday and I thought I’d share one of my favorite makeovers with my new readers and a “remember this” with my “ride or die chicks” that’s been with me from day one 😉  thanks for hanging in there with me.  Hope you enjoy reading it :

Saturday was such a beautiful day.  The weather was absolutely wonderful and I decided to finally work on this little cabinet I got for free back in November.  My sister was doing a house sale and it was an item that no one she decided to bring it home, well she had no place for it and was going to dump it. Luckily I saved it just in time..I brought the cabinet home with me and kept it in the garage to air out.. It had the dreaded “OLD” smell… chuckles..   Let’s see.. of course I have to have music for my listening pleasure, so I popped in my Joe Simon and Lou Rawls cds along with a few other classics and began my project.   The cabinet was still sturdy but the scraping and sanding was harder than I thought.  I managed to get the surface somewhat smooth.  This is the cabinet before:


I’m done sanding and scraping, so next comes the primer

Ooops,,, Almost forgot to tape the glass.. so I had to take care of that before I continue.. ..

Next  comes the spray paint.  I used the metallic silver as my selection.


Next – its LUNCH TIME,.. gotta take a break and lunch was ” Salmon burger w/monterey jack cheese and chips.. Yuuummmy 🙂

Back to work and I sprayed another coat of metallic paint ….  this cabinet is turning out pretty good –      

It’s dry and time to put it to use…I figure in the bathroom for towels and toiletries would be perfect for now


The  crystal candy dish makes a good powder puff dish  – don’t cha think so too?


All done!! Another job done and all for less that $15.00…   I just love great finds…


4 thoughts on “Cute Little Cabby

  1. I won’t even start with you, since you left us high and dry without any post for awhile. I have to know what’s going on with the upholstery project, and I need some food recipes. So make sure never to leave us for too long again please… thank you ;). You know I’m kidding, but I did miss your post. And I just love how that cabinet came out. It really looks amazing. Damn near brand new. Beautiful.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  2. I am all of sudden thinking about silver finishes. I would like to do a piece of furniture and I have been trying to find a realistic silver finish for the Mercury head dime on the front of my building. I painted the rest of the cast iron exterior door surround with exterior oil paint that I ordered from Holland (I wanted paint that would look good in ten years because I don’t want to paint this big cast iron part of the building every year.). The paint has actually held up for ten years so far, but the dime looks like it was painted with aluminum paint. I am thinking about silver leaf. It isn’t that large…the size of a saucer. This post was new to me and timely. Do you still like the finish of the spray-applied paint? I absolutely love that piece of furniture. Did the finish change over time or does it still look the same?
    I’ve been having trouble with my computer. Browser is messed up. AOL is messed up. So, my email is messed up, too. I just saw your email today from earlier in the week. I didn’t see it then. I’m afraid to update everything…afraid it will open a can of worms.
    I will list on Charish tomorrow. Thank you.
    Miss talking with you and wondering how you are fairing in all your endeavors.

    • Hey Ginene! The cabinet still looks the same.. the color hasn’t changed a bit and I’m still loving it. I haven’t tried the silver or gold leaf yet, but I’m still shooting to give it a try. Let me know how yours work out. That’s great about Chairish.. let me know when you do..

I enjoy reading your comments