Thrifty Thursday

Hello,hello,hello… I know – it’s not thursday.. (but that’s the day I found my project) .. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.. I had to take to hiatus from blogging.  Even though time changed and our days got longer, it stills seems like they’re going too quick – Feels like I’m running out of time..  Work, home,cook, projects, exercise… thing I know it’s after midnight and time to go to bed to start all over again.. (where does the day go????) …  My cyber-friend Miss K over at Pure&Complex already gave me my frowny face.. Where have I been scolding… chuckles.. thanks “K” for missing me.. My brother came for a surprise visit and it was wonderful time spent with my little darlings.. Ava and Laylah.. I even played hooky from work to escape to the zoo with them.. A trip well worth my time off

Karriem met a new friend.. who he was hoping wouldn’t lick him in the

Needless to say I miss them already….   after that.. I had yard work to do.. uggghhhh… I truly regret not getting the leaves up sooner.. but – oh well.. no need in crying over spilled milk..  That alone took a few hours after work to get done.    My chair project is almost done.. Yipppeeeee…I’m the one holding up the last part.. I have to refinish the wood frame.. so that’s my next step. I can’t wait to show you the finished product.  In the meantime.. I did come across this cute vintage lamp while thrifting at Goodwill.


Not bad for $8.75.. I think it’ll be great for a new spring look.   My only dilemna was the shade.. I’m not big on the shape or pleats…   I found another one in my storage area.. and decided to to use it instead.   It had seen better days, but I figured – it’s worth a try..  I didn’t do too bad on my kitchen lamp shade (if you missed it you can see it here) so I decided to give this one a whirl..

I’ve been leaning towards toile fabric- so I decided to give it a try.  First I laid the fabric out and placed the shade on top and rolled it across the fabric, marking as I roll it..

I used a hot glue gun to adhere the fabric to the shade.. Be very careful with that glue gun, because it’s easy to wind up with this…  Yeeeouuuuuchh!!!!!!

Luckily I leave a bottle of AloeVera gel in the fridge to help with burns. If you haven’t tried me, it works great on burns.  It took me all of an hour to complete the new shade  and I must say.. Not bad!

I think the toile fabric did better justice with this lamp..(I just hope toile is not out of style – lol)

The painting was a another Goodwill find for $4.00.  A quick coat of white paint gives the boring frame a fresher look (as you see the wood frame did nothing for this painting)


For under $15.00 I created a quick inexpensive new look for the console table.  Next up – I’m also doing a 30-day makeover challenge with other bloggers..which will be another quick update of a chair that sorely needs some attention.  I’m late in the game to start but I’ll have it finished (fingers crossed)… well that’s what your thrifty girl has been up to.. and what about you..?  What are your upcoming projects.. Do share..I’d love to hear about them..

Tah-tah..As always… Your thrifty Gal


8 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday

  1. Yes.. I have missed you and I needed my fix over here. I am still waiting to see the upholstered project. Because I want to send over my projects to you lol. And I just love these photos. You guys look like you’re having the best time. And I am so happy you had Aloe Vera girl. And I just LOVE that lamp shade. So chic. I so need to redesign my place. It’s too wintery if that’s a word lol. I loved reading this because I missed your amazing post :). I hope to see you at my new blog next week.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  2. Cute, cute, cute….your nieces. And the lamp shade too! 🙂 Love toile. Toile never goes out of style. Another well done treasure. Can’t wait to see the chair project. Your running out of time girl clock is too funny! Kudos.

  3. What a joy to see your neices and your brother. Hey, you scared me, for a minute I thought it was Thursday. Didn’t the lamp turn out fabulous with the new shade cover? I love that lamp. Someone did a nice job on that interesting painting. It really draws the eye down into it. I am off to an auction tomorrow…it is 11:30 pm already and I have to get up very early. Oh, my gosh, I’ve got 20 projects going at the same time, too!

    • Hey Ginene!! Yes, it sure was.. Thanks about the lamp..I was pretty worried about using toile fabric, but was kinda glad I chose it. I hope you make some good scores at the auction. Do share your finds with us..

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