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Hey, hey!! I hope all is well with you and you’re keeping cool.. It’s been blazing here in SC.. and it’s not even Summer yet — Good grief.. the HEAT IS ON!  I’ve been doing a bit of relaxing since the yard sale last week and started reading the Ebook by Kia Salter @ House of KTS.    I’m so glad she created this to share her tips of the trade with us.  Thanks Girl – So far so good!!   Then there was another quick project I wanted to get done – which I did and want to share with you.  I know you’re probably wondering “Where is the freaking chair??? LOL!! I know – I know… but my instructor took ill again.. poor thing.. she suffers badly with rheumatoid arthritis and has not been up to par.. and we are down to the last stretch.  But she says next week so.. in the meantime, I’m busying myself in the garden and other little projects.   If you remember I had this old lamp around and used it for a quick hat stand to display my vintage hats earlier…

I thought I’d use it in the boutique but then another idea hit me…I’ve been wanting to make this planter ever since I saw it posted here.  While cleaning out the garage for the yard sale I found some of the glass shades that didn’t sell before and bingo!  It hit me.. do the project.  I used the super glue E6000 and boy does that stuff work!

I used a Rustoleum spray paint in mint green and lime green to give it a new look.  Attached the shades with the glue and filled with dirt and plants.. and voila!  It’s a Planterabra now!



I used plants I already had around – and these are succulents so they won’t be needing much water (and if you’re new here you can see the transformation of the bistro set here)

So basically this project only cost the price of the glue..

It can even be a really cool centerpiece as well for a garden party.  This project was extremely easy and I’m glad The Red Head gave me an even better inspiration on how to use this old lamp.  I’ve been wanting a new edition to the She-Rest Haven and this was the perfect added touch.

It sits on the corner shelf adding just a touch of elegance to blend with the bohemian ambiance

I’m glad I decided to hang the macrame planter (another thrifty find for $1.00) in there.

This plant here, I have to give myself a pat on the back about.. It’s my pineapple plant – grown from the top of a pineapple.  I tried my luck last year and so far – its hanging in there.. so – Woohooo to me!!


I just did a few simple changes and this Haven is ready – so let the CHILLAXIN’ BEGIN!!


(I’m contemplating on painting the cushions… another blog-buddy did hers and they look great – so I’m thinking.. will keep you posted on it of course) …  But for now.. tah-tah… and remember Go for it! Create and get Inspired..Smooches!

7 thoughts on “Inspired By!

  1. I just love everything about that gazebo. I actually wish I was there with you so I could lay around and do absolutely nothing right about now lol. And I am so happy you finally started to read my ebook guide. I’m so excited :). You have to let me know when you finish by emailing me and letting me know if you liked it. I also just started my own line of Digital Prints for the home. I’ve been inspired lately :). And I can’t wait to see that chair girl. You know I’ve been dying to see it.

    Kia / The House of KTS

  2. I still love your bistro set; that turned out beautifully. Every time you show the Resthaven in the new season, I love to imagine sitting there in the shade with all the lovely cool colors and lots of pillows for head and back.I must have missed a publication because I did read about the garage sale. Those are so much work and yet, so good when it is over. I always love to see what you’ve been up to.

    • Yes, Ginene.. that is one of the best part of summer for me… I really enjoy those moments of relaxation in there. Yes the yard sale was June 5&6.. we had a great turn out.. My feet were throbbing but the rewards were great.

  3. Loved everything you’ve done. Love those glass bulbs you have hanging there too. I bet that gazebo is so shady underneath. I really need to add one to our patio soon.

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